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Troubleshooting of INSE E6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Dec 16,2021 | INSE Life

Q1. When it's not in use, should I shut it off or should I leave it on and at the base, which charges it consistently? What's better for longevity?

#1. If you often use the vacuum, please left connected to the mains power adaptor. The vacuum has an intelligent charging system, which prevents the batteries from becoming/being overcharged;

#2. If it will not be used for a long time (several weeks), please unplug the main power adaptor and turn off the main switch of the vacuum.


Q2. Why does the robot keep cleaning the same areas?

This vacuum doesn't have a mapping function, and it memorizes the route based on its previous path. Sometimes when the ground is slippery or the environment becomes complicated, it may misjudge and go over the same areas. But please don't worry, normally it will get almost all areas that are accessible within 90 minutes.


Q3. How many cleaning modes does it have?

It has four cleaning modes - automatic mode, row by row, spot clean, and edge clean. You can use the remote control to choose the cleaning mode and set a cleaning schedule according to your needs.


Q4. How long does it take to charge the robot?

#1. Before using the vacuum for the first time, it's recommended to charge it for 8 hours.

#2. From the second charge, it will take 4-6 hours to be fully recharged.


Q5. How often should I clean the filter?

*The HEPA filter is not washable.

Please clean the filter according to the frequency of use and replace the filter every 3 months.

If the suction performance is still not good after cleaning, it is recommended to replace a new filter.


Q6. How is the suction power?

The vacuum has a powerful suction up to 2200Pa, which is a leading market level. It can easily clean the dust, crumbs, nutshells, pet food, finely chopped kitchen waste, etc. from the floor and mid-pile carpet.


Q7. Why does it not return to the Charging Base automatically?

There might be three situations that the machine does not return to the charging base:

#1. If the charging base is located far away;

#2. There are too many obstacles in the room.

In these two cases, it will take the robot a longer time to search for the way back to recharge, which causes its battery to run out before it reaches the charging base. Please take the robot back to the charging base manually.

#3. There are obstacles within 1m to the left and right, within 2m in front of the charging base

In this case, please remove the obstacles and reflective objects around the charging base.


Q8. How will I know whether it is charging or fully charged?

#1. When the battery is charging, the on/standby switch LED will flash blue.

#2. When the battery is fully charged, the LED will be SOLID on.


Q9. How long can it work in one charge?

The MAX total runtime of E6 is 120 minutes (90+30=120)with a full charge. 90 minutes is MAX cleaning time. Actual cleaning time will vary based on the suction power mode and the cleaning surface. Also, the debris amount or a carpet will affect its runtime too. 30 minutes is the MAX working time for the robot to search for the way back when in low battery.


Q10. Is it noisy?

Not at all. It has a unique air duct structure design, which can effectively reduce the noise produced during the machine operation. The vacuum decibel is less than 60, which is equivalent to the same volume as normal conversation.


Q11. How many charging modes does it have?

Two. You can set the charging base along the wall, the robot will go back to it to self-recharge after cleaning. You can also manually plug the main charger into the charge jack of the robot to charge it.


Q12. Why is it not charging?

There are two solutions if the robot does not charge:

#1. Make sure the power switch at the bottom of the robot is ON and the power supply has electricity. Make sure that the power adapter is original;

#2. Make sure the charging contact pins of the robot and charging are clean and they are in full contact with each other.


Q13. Does it work with 220 volts?

Yes, the vacuum works with 100-240 volts (US plug).


Q14. How big is the container that holds the dust, pet hair, etc.?

The container is about 0.6L capacity and it can hold a decent amount of debris.


Q15. Why does it go back and turn in circles?

Strong sunlight, dark ground, dark rugs, etc. will affect its performance, please avoid this environment and restart the robot vacuum. For example, if you let it work in the living room at night without light, it might fall downstairs. You have to turn on the lights to let it work.


Q16. Will it falls downstairs?

No, E6 has multiple cliff sensors that identify stairs and ledges to prevent robot vacuum from falling downstairs. Also, it can surmount a 1.5cm obstacle and climb over steep slopes of 15 degrees.


Q17. How big is the cleaning area that the robot can reach?

The vacuum has a large battery capacity that makes it clean the area up to 2500 square feet in standard suction mode. It can completely meet the cleaning requirements of most families.


Q18. What is the height to go under my furniture?

The vacuum is very slim, with a thickness of 2.72inch, it can clean under low-hanging furniture with ease.


Q19. Does it work on dark-colored carpets?

No, it doesn't work in dark or on the dark-colored surface(carpet/floors) due to the cliff detection design.


Q20. Why my vacuum cleaner doesn’t work at all after receiving it?

Here are three steps to follow:

#1. Before using the vacuum for the first time, please charge it for 8 hours. Turn on the power switch at the bottom, press the start button on the faceplate one time, press it again, or press the Play/Pause button of the remote control.

#2. If step 1 doesn't work, press the power switch several times at intervals of a few seconds to activate it.

#3. If step 2 doesn't work, press the start button for 3 seconds and then repeat this action several times to check whether the button is stuck.

If the problem is still not resolved, please contact us and we will offer you a replacement quickly.


Q21. My vacuum cleaner stops working, what should I do?

There are two solutions if the machine stops working:

#1. If the machine works well for a while but shuts down suddenly, the issue might be caused by a blockage, which leads to shut down due to overheating protection. Please clean all the filters and dustbin and install them back in place after completely drying, then restart the machine again.

#2. If the machine doesn't work at all after turning on the power switch and power button, please refer to Question 20.


Q22. How many parts does the product have?

INSE E6 robot cleaner, charging base, power adapter, remote control (2 AAA batteries included), edge-cleaning side brushes*4, filter mesh & HEPA filter & sponge filter inside the dustbin, additional sponge filter and HEPA filter, user manual, worry-free 12-month warranty, and professional customer service.

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