Troubleshooting of INSE P20 Pro Pet Grooming Kit

Q1: The machine cannot be turned on.

(1) Please check if the plug has been inserted well.

(2)Please check if the switch has been turned on.

(3)The machine features overheat protection function, please restart after 5 minutes.


Q2: The suction power becomes weak.

A: (1) Please check if the flexible hose is clogged with hair, clean the hose and suction mouth.

(2) Please check if the dust box is too full, empty the dust box in time.

(3) Please check if the metal filter is covered with hair, and clean the hair.

(4) Please check if the HEPA filter is dirty, clean and replace it in necessary.

If the above solutions don't work, or the problems you meet are not listed, please contact our INSE Customer Support via: