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INSE H1 Handheld Vacuum Cordless Ultra-Lightweight Mini Hand Vacuum for Car Home Office

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    INSE H1 Handheld Vacuum Cordless Ultra-Lightweight Mini Hand Vacuum for Car Home Office


    1. 🔋[30 Mins Cleaning Time]: With a 2600mAh battery and fast charging, the INSE H1 rechargeable hand vacuum provides 30 minutes of continuous cleaning after 4 hours of charge.
    2. ⏰[Powerful Suction & 2 Power Modes]: Our mini vac features a 75W motor and provides up to 10000Pa suction power. With two suction modes, it can quickly clean large particles like dust, debris, and pet hair.
    3. 💡[Must-Have Accessories]: Included crevice tool and dust brush for cleaning crumbs, pet hair, and debris on various surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.
    4. 🪂[Ultra-Lightweight & Convenient]: Weighing just 1.3 lbs, our mini vacuum for car is easy to use and portable. With a one-button design, you can keep your home clean without heavy vacuums.


    Dustbin Capacity: 500 ml
    Body Weight: 1.3 lb
    Runtime: Up to 30 min


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    Continuous Cleaning

    Experience a new level of efficient home care with our hand vacuum, powered by a robust 3-cell 2600mAh battery. This reliable power source ensures up to 30 minutes of continuous, interruption-free cleaning, providing adequate time to cover all your key areas.

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    Guarantee Cleanliness

    Get ready for an impressive cleaning experience with this dust buster. Equipped with a potent 75W motor, it delivers a powerful suction of up to 10000Pa, ensuring efficient and fast cleaning. Featuring two diverse power modes, it has the power to effortlessly deal with larger particles like dust, and debris, and even act as a pet hair hand vac.

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    Efficient&User Friendly

    H1 handheld vac features a 4-layer filtration system, quickly traps large residues, and eliminates 99.99% of minuscule dust particles down to 0.2 microns. For user convenience, it employs a scientific wind guide to avoid blowing dust towards the user or ground.


    Best for Quick Clean-up

    Designed for seamless cleaning, its compact size and powerful suction make it perfect for swift quick cleanups around your home, on furniture, and even in your car. No more crumbs on the desk or dust on your computer keyboard - this handy device is versatile enough to reach tricky corners and tight spots.

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      Portable and Slim

      INSE H1 adopts a unique slim design, portable and lightweight, making it perfect for any space like home, office, or car.

    • inse_h1_handheld_cordless_vacuum_one_button_power_on-7

      Easy to Operate

      One button to start or switch power modes, no complicated operation, and everyone including kids could use it effortlessly.

    • inse_h1_handheld_cordless_vacuum_hold_effortlessly-8

      Super Friendly Handle

      The ergonomic anti-slip handle dramatically improves the comfort of grip during cleaning and doesn't need to worry about sliding.

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      Well Organized

      Accompanied by a custom storage base, it offers an organized place for the vacuum and its accessories, completely ridding you of misplaced parts anxiety.

    • inse_h1_handheld_cordless_vacuum_filter_thoroughly-10

      Filter Thoroughly

      It is equipped with a HEPA and a mesh filter — outperforming others typically equipped with a cotton filter, trapping dust, debris, and minute 0.2-micron particles.

    • inse_h1_handheld_vacuum_washable_and_unwashable_parts-11

      Keep Clean

      Use a cleaning gadget to clean the HEPA filter without water. Other parts can be washed with water. Ensure they are thoroughly dry before reinstalling to prevent motor damage.

    How to Clean INSE H1

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    Detach the dustbox from the main body.

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    Empty and throw away the debris and dust.

    Use a cleaning brush to sweep the HEPA filter.

    Wash the mesh filter with cold water and let it dry.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    We love this thing!

    If you have a toddler you know how important it is to have a handheld vacuum. From getting crumbs out the carseat, vacuuming up messes in the house or in the car to spot cleaning the floor and furniture between vacuuming, this thing works. It sucks up all the chip pieces, cheez-it crumbs, crushed cookies, and dirt that follows our toddler around where ever he goes. It's easy to use on furniture as well. Emptying it is extremely easy so you can vacuum more crumbs and debris up as it comes along. It holds a charge well and doesn't take hours to recharge. Overall we definitely use this daily! A necessity in our house!

    Maria Ruiz
    Awesome mini vacuum

    This cordless vacuum is so powerful I use with my car I use around the house and even to seal my air bag for storage. Battery life is long.And it has a good size so I always leave it in my car to maintain it clean

    Rin's Reviews
    Sleek and powerful!

    I love the handheld vacuum! It is sleek and light and the suction is super powerful. I was easily able to get all the tight corners with it. In way of noise it sounds exactly like my other handheld vacuum, but the suction is just better on this one. It does have this weird thing where when it is on wind blows from the sides almost on your hand, but I guess that just helps with the suction. I will say though that the trash container is smaller than other models and will have to be changed more often, but in my option itis worth it for how great it is Posfits in tight cornersSmall and super lightVery powerfulConsOnly comes with two extension accessoriesYou have to change the trash carrier often

    Powerful Handheld Vacuum

    Amazing quality - very powerful suction with two modes: Light and Heavy suction. Very easy to charge, with very fast charging. Can reuse the vacuum within a few minutes of charging.

    Great for Small Jobs

    This is an easy to use, lightweight, powerful vaccuum that's great for small jobs around the house or in your car. It comes with attachments for getting into corners and tight areas. It has a primary filter for big chunks and a fine filter which is disposable. Extra filter is supplied. It's not small nor is it big and clumsy- it's just a good size for a handheld vaccuum. It's cordless (rechargeable battery).