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INSE S10 Cordless Vacuum For Pet Hair Power Saving with 26Kpa Powerful Suction

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    INSE S10 Cordless Vacuum For Pet Hair Power Saving with 26Kpa Powerful SuctionColor: Purple
    INSE S10 portable Cordless Vacuum for
    INSE S10 portable Cordless Vacuum for
    INSE S10 portable Cordless Vacuum clean the sofa with cleaning
    INSE S10 portable Cordless Vacuum clean crevice with transparent crevice tool and normal
    INSE S10 portable Cordless Vacuum with all
    INSE S10 portable Cordless Vacuum with 4
    INSE S10 Cordless Vacuum For Pet Hair Power Saving with 26Kpa Powerful Suction


    Powerful Motor: 350W/140AW

    Battery: 2200mAh

    Suction Power: 26Kpa

    Lightweight Body: 3.5lb

    Dustbin Capacity: 1.2L

    Charging Time: 4-5h


    inse s10 cordless vacuum with two cleaning

    Quick Clean&Whole Clean

    Two intelligent working modes enable you to switch between manual trigger mode and continuous cleaning mode. When unlocked, the portable vacuum could work only when you hold the trigger, saving power when you do a quick clean. When switching to locked, it could continuously work without holding the trigger all the time, being more friendly and effortless when you clean the whole house.

    inse s10 cordless vacuum with three power

    Three Power Modes

    The stick vacuum has three power modes to fit the needs when cleaning different areas or various scenarios. Medium power mode and eco power mode are for light debris like hair and small particles like snack foods, while the high power mode would be perfect for bigger or heavier particles like cat food or small pieces of gravel from floors, upholstery, draperies, and other surfaces.

    inse s10 cordless vacuum with 12

    Steady & Strong Power

    The superior 350W/140AW high-power brushless motor generates a high-speed airflow of up to 26KPA, and the design of the multi-cone filter separates the dirt from the wind and provides a better environment for vacuuming, increasing the efficiency by 30%.

    inse s10 cordless vacuum with 7 cells of

    Lasting Long Runtime

    With up to 50 mins runtime on eco power mode, the INSE S10 cordless vacuum is perfect for uninterrupted whole-apartment cleaning. You do not have to recharge during the cleaning. Also, the detachable design of the battery pack allows a flexible choice of charging.

    (10-15 mins on Deep Mode & Around 30 mins on Comfortable Mode)

    inse s10 cordless vacuum easy detachable roller

    Easy-Detach Roller Brush

    Unlike other cordless vacuums, this vacuum has a featured unique detachable roller brush, which is a result of improving and making the best of every design of detail. Push the unlock button and then the roller brush slips out easily, making it more convenient to clean the debris or hair around the roller brush.

    inse s10 cordless vacuum with enhanced filtration

    Enhanced Filtration Tech

    A 6-stage filtration system helps you enjoy fresh air during the cleaning operation. The 12 conical structures' centrifugal force of the high-speed rotation separates the extremely fine dust with an overall filtration rate of up to 99.97%, and it can capture common airborne pollutants.

    • inse s10 cordless vacuum clean dark corners with transparent crevice

      Precisely & Visible Cleaning

      The transparent crevice tool could help see the debris on the floor more clearly, it is humane especially when you clean the dark corner or a narrow space that blocks the light.

    • inse s10 cordless vacuum flexible head brush to

      Reaches Narrow Area with Ease

      The 150° wide angle left and right and 90°vertical angle head brush reach into tight spaces with ease, such as the table legs or the edge of furniture.

    • inse s10 cordless vacuum with memory

      Customized Work Mode

      If you always tend to use a certain mode of cleaning, there is no need to spend time and effort to re-adjust every time, it can just remember the mode of last time automatically.

    • inse s10 cordless vacuum one press to easy

      1.2L Large Dust box

      The large dust box could help reduce the frequency of emptying and also ensure a whole house clean without interrupting, also the main body is lightweight, no effort when holding.

    • inse s10 cordless vacuum with LED lights on head

      Illuminate Every Corner

      With LED light, the vacuum can illuminate the surfaces ahead, allowing you to see dark corners and clean all dust for the narrow corner.

    • inse s10 cordless vacuum washable filter strainer and filter

      Less Maintenance Cost

      Wash the filter and metal strainer with clean water at least every month and ensure the filters are completely dry before putting them back. No need to exchange the filter very often.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 52 reviews
    Light and powerful

    It’s a lot for the money

    Michael Mueller
    Skeptical at first

    I was skeptical but this is a good little vac for the money.

    Works great!

    I bought this vacuum because my other one stopped working- I like this one much better and it’s easier to handle. It also works on small rugs, and battery power lasts long enough to vacuum my entire house!!!

    Mr. Bargea
    Wasn't expecting it like it as much as I do

    This was definitely an impulse buy for me when it showed up as a recommended product. Less than half the price of my other cordless vacuum from a very well known manufacturer. Figured it was a cheap throwaway I could use in the garage and basement so I wouldn't have to go fetch my main vac. It actually feels pretty solid and works great! The suction is good enough for picking up dust and light debris off hard surfaces, which is what I bought it for. For that kind of workload, the battery is fine.
    The only minor gripe I have with the vacuum is that there's a short delay from when you press the on trigger until when the motor starts. It's very odd.
    I haven't yet used it to vacuum entire rooms so I can't say my rating will stay as high as it is. So far, so good. Pleasantly surprised and enjoying this purchase.

    Light weight yet powerful

    This is so easy to use on laminate floors and carpet. I'm in a wheelchair and this lightweight vacuum is very easy for me to use.