Why should I replace the filter regularly?

Filter cleanliness is tightly related to keeping the powerful suction of your vacuum cleaner. If the filter has been used for a long period and is clogged with dust, it will decrease the performance of vacuum suction and even no suction.

a. Please clean your filter and stainless steel strainer regularly to keep the maximal suction.

*For cotton filter pad: wash the filter with clean water at least every month and ensure the filters are completely dry before putting them back.
*For the HEPA filter: use the cleaning tool to brush away the dirt on it. DON'T use water to wash it.

b. It is recommended to exchange the filter every 1-3 months according to your use frequency.

c. Before using the vacuum, please make sure the filter has already been put inside the dust box. Otherwise, the debris would go into the host directly, resulting in damage to the motor.

d. If there is a Pre-filter (gauze) with a blue arrow that wraps around the HEPA filter, DON'T remove the gauze. The gauze is helpful for capturing more dust and could be washed in cool water too.