Vacuum for Pet Hair

inse p20 pro pet grooming vacuum with golden

Pets bring joy to our lives, but they also bring pet hair to our homes. While it's delightful to have them around, we must take care of our living environment, especially when pet hair becomes overwhelming. Regardless of breed, pets shed hair that can accumulate on floors, sofas, furniture, and even corners. A dedicated vacuum that can handle pet hair, debris, and dust is essential to maintain a clean home.

Messy Pet Hair Causes..

It’s essential to realize that some bacteria can be transferred from animals to people and, depending on the severity, can make you very unwell.

Investing in a good quality vacuum can help if you use it regularly to remove as much hair as possible to avoid allergy.

It can also collect things like dust mites, pollen, and mold, which are other common asthma triggers.

Making sure your pet is healthy is the best way to help reduce the risk of parasites on them.

Some vacuum features that you should be focused on

Capacity of the Dust cup

For pet owners with furry pets, frequent and easy emptying of vacuum dustbins is crucial. The INSE S610 and S6T cordless vacuums feature a 1.2L dustbin, ranking second only to the Dyson V11 Outsize. The INSE I5 corded vacuum and INSE P20 pet vacuum also have large dust cups in their categories. All these vacuums have a one-push release button for effortless waste disposal.

Suction Power

Pet hair can be frustrating when it gets stuck in vacuum components, whether due to weak suction or an unsuitable roller brush design. Choosing a vacuum with powerful suction is essential. The INSE S6T and S610 cordless vacuums, featuring 23Kpa or even 25Kpa suction, quickly pick up pet hair and keep it in the dust cup, reducing the chance of it remaining on the roller brush or getting stuck in the wand.


Pet fur collects outdoor allergens, so a vacuum filtration system is crucial. INSE cordless vacuums have HEPA filters, the most efficient filter type, removing 99.97% of particulates 0.3 microns or larger, promoting a clean, healthy home for pet owners.

Roller brush

Larger vacuum rollers help prevent hair tangling. INSE S6T and S610 cordless vacuums have bigger roller brushes than most, while some, like the INSE I5, don't have rollers at all.


1. INSE P20 Pro pet grooming vacuum is a game changer.

2. INSE S6T series cordless vacuums are experts on dealing with pet hair.

3. INSE S610 cordless vacuum could pick up the pet hair effortlessly.

4. INSE S10 cordless vacuum is so portable and could be power saving.

5. INSE V120 cordless vacuum is my dream pet vacuum.

6. INSE I5 corded vacuum could directly inhale pet hair thanks to its no-brush roll design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a pet vacuum necessary if my pet sheds just scarcely? 

Almost all pets, dogs or cats, shed all year long. No matter what your pet breed is, its hair lands on every surface on furnishing, covers, and clothes as it may love being around everywhere in your house. It could bring allergens or something, not only visible pet hair. Using a vacuum with exclusive accessories and strong suction could largely extract the pet hair that is entangled with the fabric fibers and etc.

Thus, if you expect a hair-and-allergen-free home, it is suggested to get a vacuum for pet hair even if your pet sheds scarcely, and it could be more than just a pet hair vacuum.

Does a pet vacuum cleaner need a lot of maintenance?

It depends. Most pet vacuum cleaners don't need a lot of effort to maintain, replacing the bag or emptying the residue will make the job done. But cleaning out the roller brush, hose, wand, filters from time to time will definitely ensure a normal suction and its life span. It is recommended to replace the filter every three months, based on how often you use the vacuum.

How often should pet parents vacuum?

It is determined by how many pet kids you have and their hair shedding degrees. A pet owner who has a Great Dane may need to clean once every week, but those with long-haired dogs want to clean their house twice to three times a week. And it is also determined by the season as some breeds will shed a lot in summer and spring.

How do you rank the vacuums above on cleaning pet hair?

Focus on your own cleaning needs. If you prefer a battery-powered vacuum, not a corded vacuum or a robot vacuum, INSE S6T cordless vacuum will be No.1, which is also the most powerful one and has the most accessories. Or you could also choose INSE S6P Pro cordless vacuum which has two batteries, compared with S6T.