About INSE

Welcome to INSE - where innovation meets affordability, and luxury becomes standard. INSE is a cutting-edge technology company focused on developing and producing premium cleaning appliances based on rechargeable cordless vacuums.

Founded in 2019, INSE rapidly became the #1 vacuum brand on Amazon North America. Led by industry pioneers from iconic brands like Haier and Ecovacs, we offer a diverse range of cleaning appliances at unbeatable prices. With INSE, experience top innovation and value in one brand. We don't just offer products, we offer a lifestyle that is cleaner, simpler, and more sustainable.

INSE: The Meteoric Rise to #1 on Amazon

In just 3 years, INSE blazed to the top, seizing over 13% market share, outpacing giants and rewriting market dynamics.

Why INSE Stands Out

  • Distinctive Pricing Strategy

    INSE delivers top-tier quality at unbeatable prices, setting us apart in a market dominated by big brands.

  • Diverse Product Portfolio

    INSE offers an extensive portfolio catering to every cleaning need for one-stop convenience.

  • Helm by Pioneers

    With over a decade of expertise and blockbuster success, our pioneering leaders steer INSE's trailblazing journey.

  • Edge R&D and Innovation

    INSE quickly tailors and iterates products to market needs, setting the pace on the frontier of industry advancement.

  • Robust Supply Chain

    From raw material to final sales, our seamless end-to-end supply chain delivers high-value products reliably and affordably.

  • User-Centric Approach

    INSE is built on customer satisfaction. Our glowing reviews speak to our unwavering focus on quality and service.

INSE Global Network

INSE's global reach extends to 100+ countries, backed by local warehouses in key regions including the US, Europe, Japan, and Australia. Our robust sales network gives consumers worldwide easy access to our innovative products.

INSE Brand Philosophy

  • I - Innovative

  • N - Needs-focused

  • S - Sustainable

  • E - Empowering

Pioneering the latest in cleaningtechnology to make life easier.

Tailored solutions that genuinely meet customer demands.

Energy-efficient, greener solutions that saves energy and cuts waste.

Elevate your clean, elevate your life.

Redefining Clean: INSE Elevates Every Lifestyle.

More than just vacuums- we're a lifestyle upgrade. Our relentless R&D crafts versatile cleaning tools for every surface, from floors to pools. As we set our sights on becoming the global leader in small home appliances, INSE commits to a cleaner, sustainable tomorrow.

Join the INSE Revolution

Ready for next-level cleaning solutions? Become our distributor or dealer. To be partner, please fill out the form below or email us at sales@inselife.com.