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  • INSE P20 Pro Pet Grooming Vacuum

    INSE P20 pro pet grooming tools help pets maintain tidiness and comfort and easily make puppy grooming at home.

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  • How It Works

    Groom and trim your pet's hair by using the grooming tool and hair clipper. Clean the pet hair in the house with the help of the two cleaning gadgets. Peacefully DIY dog grooming at home.

  • Product Review

    Good looking, quiet working mode and function so well.

  • What's Included

inse p20 pro dog grooming vacuum for dog-inselife.com
inse p20 pro dog grooming kit with all parts-inselife.com

inse p20 pro dog grooming kit before use-inselife.com

inse p20 pro dog grooming kit after use-inselife.com

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  • INSE V120 Powerful Cordless Vacuum

    150AW brushless motor provides 30KPA super strong suction power, easily picks up debris in one pass.

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  • How It Works

    30Kpa Super Powerful, long run time on eco settings and works smoothly.

  • What's Included

    For detailed INSE V120 accessories, check the product page.

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inse v120 cordless hard floor vacuum-inselife.com
inse v120 cordless hard floor vacuum with all parts-inselife.com

Customers Say

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I bought it in June 2022, cost is lower and the product is amazing! I had an issue whit the head brush but I communicated with the support and they fixed the issue quickly! They have an amazing after sell support! Thanks!

Lily S.

Loving this vacuum. A great vacuum at a great price. It is versatile and easy to use in my house, especially we have stairs and need to move the vacuum frequently.


Lying on the floor and enjoying my grooming lol! Easy to use, nothing to complain about, try to use it instead of driving my baby dog to groomers.


This vacuum cleaner is an excellent little tool to keep the floors clean between deep cleanings. I have a cat and between the litter and his hair I am using this thing almost every other day.

Michelle P.

I have 2 dogs and it really gets rid of the dog hair and fine dust. This lightweight vacuum has great suction, great attachments, two batteries, costs hundreds of dollars LESS than most other cordless vacuums.


This is the best investment I had and I really love the pet grooming idea. Routine brush my dog's hair and collect its hair in the dustbin solve a lot of troubles.

Alex C.

  • INSE S10 Portable Cordless Vacuum

    Euipped with constantly or temporarily working mode, INSE S10 could be power saving or energy saving according to your needs.

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  • Product Review

    INSE S10 has long run time, steady and powerful suction and humane design on the working mode, makes it easy to clean at home and also clean the pet hair.

  • What's Included

    For detailed INSE S10 accessories, check the product page.

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inse s10 best cordless vacuum under $200 for home use-inselife.com
inse s10 best cordless vacuum under $200 with all parts-inselife.com

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