Benefits of Grooming Pets Regularly

Better hygiene and smell-Cleaning and brushing away all that dead skin and buildup can help your dog keep good hygiene and smell.

Insepect fleas & pests-A benefit of grooming regularly is you will be able to check for fleas and pests, and treat them early.

Get rid of matted hair-If your dog has medium-long fur, it will likely develop matts. Matted hair can be dealt with by brushing or shaving under it.

Healthy and shiny coats-Regular brushing helps to remove dead skin, dirt, and anything else lurking. It also helps to spread the natural oils over their coat, making them looks shinier and healthier.

Looks better-A clean dog is a happy dog. An unkempt appearance can reflect poorly on you as the owner, so make sure they look neat and tidy and enjoy the time with your fur baby!

  • 1. Grooming Brush

    The metal pins on the dog grooming brush let pets feel like having a massage. No more excess skin oils and painful matting and hot spots. Moving heavy undercoat is no longer torture for cute pets.

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  • 2. Deshedding Brush

    Proper weekly or monthly deshedding helps pets avoid static in Spring or Autumn, keeping them fresh and cool in Summer, preventing Bacteria growth or hair follicles become clogged with oil.

  • 3. Hair Clipper

    It is easy and safe to use the hair clipper to cut long dog hair with four detachable plastic guard combs. Sharp for clipping pet hair and friendly dog grooming for beginners at home.

  • 4. Crevice Tool

    Equipped with a 55-inches flexible hose, the crevice tool can easily reach the hidden hair out of the cranny and pick up pet hair on furniture, corners, and crevices, keeping the entire environment fresh and clean.

  • 5. Cleaning Brush

    The cleaning brush can be used as clothes cleaning brush to vacuum away the left hair from the sofa and dog kennels, and also a paw-cleaning brush to clean the dust after a walk.

  • Larger Capacity Dustbin

With 0.3 gals (1.2L) larger capacity dustbin, this dog grooming brush can contain more pet hair, which saves a lot of time for frequent dumping of messy hair, especially suitable for paw parents with long hair fur babies.

  • Three Power Modes

The INSE P20 dog grooming vacuum is designed with three power modes to provide different levels of suction power for various pets. Eco mode with 5000pa suction power suits cats or small-size dogs like Chihuahuas and Shih Tzus, and medium mode works with 7000pa that is adapted to medium-sized dogs such as Australian Shepherds and Border Collies. The max power mode performs 9000pa to groom thick coats and long hair dogs like samoyed, golden retrievers and huskies, German shepherds and Bernese, etc.

  • ⭐ One-Press Clean

    Groom your dog and press the brush botton, all hair will be sucked in the vacuum.

  • ⭐ Detachable Dustbin

    Press the button to detach the dustbin, dump the hair with no mess on hand.

  • ⭐ Beginner Friendly

    Simple steps to assemble the grooming tools with hose, start the grooming easily.

Real Pet. Real Test.

Real Good!

Unlike traditional dog grooming brushes, INSE p20 pro develops a new way of grooming at home and combines five professional tools for grooming your dog/cat tidy and pretty without messy hair on the ground.


  • It’s great.

    If my spaniel were a little cooperative it would help. The machine works gear even though my dog is a pull. My Aussie’s love it and it has good suction, the attachments are All useful.

    Barbara McIntyre
  • awesome

    Very helpful

    Nancy Wetmore
  • Money well spend

    It was well worth it. You can hear it but definitely less then other products i have used. I felt very comfortable using it on my definitely got the job done

  • Amazing product

    I was needing something to use to keep my dog's fur shorter and more manageable. I've used it twice and it was perfect. I also use the shortest trimmer and it sucked up all trimmed the fur. It was amazing.

  • Exact game changer!

    We have a male Bernese Mountain dog and he is in his shedding season and there is hair everywhere. In a desperate attempt to save our clothing from forever being covered in his hair I ordered this. Hands down THE best thing I could buy for him and my families sanity. I wasn’t covered in hair from head to toe, I was able to trim his pads with no complaint from him, and in half the time I usually do in brushing him, all contained in the vacuum compartment. We spend $150 to take him to the groomer for a bath and pad trim. It just paid for itself in one stop.

  • Gentle dog grooming tool

    My dog HATES being groomed. He tolerated a groomer for a while then decided he wouldn’t any longer. He fusses as soon as he hears the clippers and we make a huge mess that I have to vacuum so when I saw this machine, I had to try it.
    I made sure to test the suction on myself first and it’s just strong enough to sweep most of the hair into the reservoir - you will have to vacuum a few stray pieces after you are done.
    My dog stood still while I trimmed his hair using the clipper attachment and the machine very gently sucked up the trimmed hair. This is a pretty quiet set up, which I think eased his grooming anxiety. I will say this is best used on smaller dogs as the reservoir filled pretty quickly with his fur. If your dog is larger, you will need to empty the reservoir several times during trimming.

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