INSE Unveils the S10X Cordless Stick Vacuum: Putting Customer Needs Front and Center

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / November 22, 2023 / INSE, an innovative manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, is excited to introduce the S10X Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. This vacuum cleaner boasts of INSE's signature powerful suction and long-lasting battery life and is also equipped with two upgraded and multi-functional accessories that provide added convenience. These upgrades were made based on in-depth user recommendations, user behavior research, and comprehensive usability testing, all of which reflect INSE's unwavering commitment to putting its customers first.

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Unparalleled Versatility with Unique Foldable Accessory

Central to the design of INSE's S10X Cordless Stick Vacuum is the bendable component, borne out of direct customer feedback. One customer even exclaimed, "This vacuum has made cleaning a breeze in tight spaces!" This clever feature emphasizes INSE's commitment to ergonomic and adaptable cleaning solutions that fit users of varying heights. Over 1000+ users have attested that the need to stoop, stretch, or adopt uncomfortable poses has been eliminated. This foldable design promotes efficient cleaning of hard-to-reach areas and significantly boosts maneuverability, thereby escalating user comfort. Unlike other vacuum designs that integrate the bendable tube with the wand, the S10X smartly makes it a separate accessory that users can easily attach or detach as per their needs. This distinctive design allows for a versatile combination with the vacuum cleaner's extension pole, meeting the needs of diverse user groups.

Inclusive Cleaning with Convenient, Flexible Hose

In response to the call for versatile cleaning solutions, the INSE S10X now features a flexible hose addition. This enhancement expands cleaning reach and addresses diverse cleaning situations with the help of the versatile 2-in-1 brush. Easy to use and adaptable, this accessory effortlessly maneuvers tricky spaces, streamlining the cleaning process for users. This improvement positions the vacuum as the perfect partner for extensive cleaning of furniture, corners, and car interiors.

Extended Runtime and Robust Suction Power

Besides that, the S10X Cordless Stick Vacuum exhibits a prodigious runtime of up to 50 minutes and delivers a highly impressive 26KPA of suction power. The vacuum effectively handles a variety of messes, permitting users to clean comprehensively without battery life concerns.

INSE's S10X Cordless Stick Vacuum is an exemplar of the company's promise to its customers to deliver affordable, high-performing, and user-friendly cleaning solutions. With the S10X Cordless Stick Vacuum, INSE reiterates its dedication to providing cleaning innovations that genuinely improve everyday cleaning chores.


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