INSE's S9 Anti-Tangle Cordless Vacuum Achieves Remarkable Success on Amazon's Fall Prime Day with Daily Sales Exceeding 10K Units

SEATTLE, Nov. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- INSE's S9 Anti-Tangle Cordless Stick Vacuum has been welcomed by consumers with open arms and achieved smashing sales on Amazon's Fall Prime Day with a staggering 10,000 units sold daily. This remarkable achievement can be attributed to the vacuum's hassle-free anti-tangle "V" shaped roller brush, which solved the frustrating issue of tangled hair and changed the way to maintain our vacuums.

inse s9 cordless vacuum antitangled roller

A Tangle-free Revolution

Vacuum users often struggle with interlaced hair around roller brushes, filters, and other parts of the machine, making cleaning routines cumbersome due to frequent trapped hair issues. But the problem was solved by INSE S9, which is equipped with a unique V-shaped rubber brush roll that efficiently collects debris and consolidates it in the middle, then sucks the debris and hair in. The S9's unique brush roll design ensures that hair, be it from our pets or us, does not wrap around to eliminates tangles and prevent clogs, removing the need for constant cleaning and manual disassembly of the vacuum head and extend the lifetime of its brushless motor.

This unique feature allows consumers to enjoy an effortless and convenient cleaning experience, saving time, and eliminating the stress associated with tangled brush rolls. Besides that, INSE S9 is also equipped with a soft roller brush for hardwood floors to protect against scratches while also providing a polishing effect during vacuuming.

Consumers' Convenience and Satisfaction Delivered

The INSE S9 cordless vacuum cleaner's success is no surprise. It's the combination of anti-tangle technology along with a powerful 400W brushless motor that provides remarkable suction power up to 30Kpa at maximum mode, ensuring optimal cleaning efficiency on any surface. Additionally, the S9 offers four suction modes, including Economy, Standard, Maximum, and Automatic, to cater to different cleaning needs. The Automatic mode intelligently adjusts suction power based on debris size, as detected by an infrared sensor, making it perfect for your cleaning needs and extending the runtime. Fitted with a sturdy, removable battery pack, the INSE S9 offers up to 55 minutes of continuous cleaning, making it perfect for both large areas and deep cleaning tasks.

The landmark sales of the S9 Anti-Tangle Cordless Vacuum during Amazon's Fall Prime Day highlight the growing consumer demand for user-friendly cleaning solutions and INSE's commitment to providing innovative and consumer needed-focused cleaning appliances.

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