INSE Debuts First Handheld Cordless Vacuum-H1: A Must-Have Solution for Multiple Household Cleaning Scenarios

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / November 24, 2023 / INSE, an innovative brand in vacuum cleaner manufacturing, has consistently shown dedication to enhancing cleaning experiences in a variety of domains such as hard floor cleaning, carpet cleanliness, pet health, and pool sanitation. Recognizing the growing demand for accessible solutions that address upholstery, car interiors, and swift cleanups on multiple surfaces, INSE stepped into the realm of handheld cordless vacuum cleaners by introducing their novel product- the Portable H1 Handheld Cordless Vacuum. It is portable and easy to use, becoming an ideal option for most people to get a quick clean.

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Handy and Versatile

With its compact design, ultra-lightweight body, and cordless utility, INSE's H1 stands out as a must-have cleaning solution. From the outdoors, effortlessly restoring the neatness of car seats and interiors, to the indoors where it can take care of spilled cat food triggered by a playful feline chase quickly, the H1 rises to the occasion. Enthusiastic user, Edward Chan, shares his experience, "I have a cat and he is so naughty and likes desktop adventure. I was exhausted cleaning the mess he made. Thank god I got this H1 from my sister and it is just so functional and won't hurt my wrist!"


Distinguishing itself from other handheld vacuums that merely offer the units, the H1 comes with a neatly designed storage base to store the vacuum and its accessories. With this storage base, worries about room allocation and accessory tracking become a thing of the past. This storage solution not only simplifies cleaning procedures but also saves precious space in modern homes.

Miniature in Size, Significant in Power

Despite its small size, the H1 packs a serious performance punch. Armed with an efficient motor, it offers thorough cleaning in confined areas. This handheld vacuum deftly handles a wide range of debris, from subtle particles of dust to sizeable residues like coffee beans, bread crumbs, and cereal.

Prolonged Runtime and Easy Operation

With a 30-minute maximum runtime, INSE guarantees sufficient time for comprehensive cleaning. Designed with two suction modes, the H1 caters to a broad range of cleaning scenarios, picking up dirt and debris from desktops, stairs, sofas, curtains, cars, and so forth. With a single press, everything is done in a second.

In Conclusion

The H1's portable design has won the hearts of users, earning applause for its straightforward operation and effortless storage options. As INSE's premier handheld vacuum launch, the H1 volumes up the brand's pledge of user-centric design, optimal performance, and functional pragmatism. It reinforces the brand's promise to deliver comprehensive cleaning solutions to enhance the user experience and help people quickly and effortlessly tackle home cleaning chores, freeing up more time to enjoy a relaxed life!


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