Hosting the Holiday? The INSE Cordless S670 Meets All Your Cleaning Needs+Giveaway!

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No matter how much you get your home holiday ready, something always happens to prevent your floors and furniture from being spotless. From exploding chocolate chips to crushed up popcorn kernels, your pets, children, and yes, even spouses often interfere with your hard cleaning work.

This holiday season, invest in a tool that will make life much easier: An INSE Cordless Vacuum!

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The INSE S670 is an 8-in-1 vacuum that makes cleaning almost any surface in your household easier! Not only will you be saved the frustration of digging broken potato chips out from the couch again, you will be able to put your kids to work because this cordless vacuum is super light and easy to control!

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The S670 has 8 different types of settings that make your cordless vac multi-functional.

What's included with this vacuum?

  • The Main Motor: the main motor houses the battery, the dust bin (with HEPA filter), and ways to make this stand alone from the rest of the vacuum body.
  • Manuals: Always read your manuals!
  • Power Charger: Go ahead and find your battery as it will need to be charged before use.
  • Flexible Hose attachment
  • 2-in-1 Crevice Tool Attachment

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  • Extra HEPA Filter
  • Cleaning Brush: one side has a cutter to rid your roller of hairs and the other is a brush to clean the dustbin, filter base, etc.
  • Motorized Brush Head: the part that will vacuum flooring and stairs
  • Retractable Metal Tube for extended coverage (say for walls, hard to reach places)
  • Wall Bracket W/ Screws

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Use the roller for hardwood (or fakewood) flooring and light pile carpets. (It's not meant for heavy duty carpets). Use the Motor Base for all other things: walls, furniture, corners, hard to reach places, and cars.

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Now, I love my robot vacuum because I can set it to run while I'm out walking the dog, at work, etc and come home to clean floors, but the robot is round and can't find around or under everything. This cordless vac makes my life easier in just a couple of uses!

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There are a couple of different tools: a crevice tool, a brush, and even an extender. I've used both those tools to clean my car, inside furniture, and in places where the robot can't get to.

The brush tool is great for pesky cobwebs I've ignored in corners of my home, for baseboards, and even for the AC unit grate cover!

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I actually love the 2-in-1 component because it's super easy to switch between crevice and brush without changing attachments. All that is needed is to hit the lock button and either pull up or push down.

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The handheld portion is light enough to carry, but the extenders make dusting curtains, ledges, and ceiling corners much easier! The tools are also small enough to fit around the toilets and in tight corner spaces, like that space between your car door and seat.

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Speaking of the lock buttons; they are used to attach all components to each other. No struggling with complicated systems. It's like a button latch that pressed down to insert or remove each tool. Even the motor head connects to the roller base this way! It's easy to figure out what fits into each other because of the base bottoms, as their shape will help determine which locking system to use.

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Now, the S670 isn't a super high powered car vacuum, so it's not going to get every bit of dirt, but for my needs, it suits well. It boasts a 300 W motor, a rechargeable battery, and two different levels or settings for vacuum power. Vacuuming power is usually between 1500PA and 2000PA.

The Inse S670 suction levels are either 14Kpa (standard) or 28Kpa (max). The suction levels are perfect for a vacuum, but the S670 only has 45 minutes of battery life on standard power and about 20 minutes on max power before it needs recharging again. If you are in for a couple of long projects, like cleaning out a car and your home, you will need breaks in between or to invest in a second battery.

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The S670 features a 2500 mAh rechargeable removable battery. The battery slides into the base but is removed and plugged into a wall brick for charging. It takes just a couple of hours to recharge the battery! As always, pull your battery out of the device and store it in a cool place if you aren't using your vacuum for an extended period of time.

Using the vacuum is very simple. It's lightweight, so pushing it is easy, compared to my 10-year-old contraption that is basically dying and cumbersome! The dustbin is very easy to clean out. Its 1.2 L utilizes a one click method to keep your fingers clean. It can be hit over the trash can or outside, if needed.

The only downfall of this is that I see it's easy to accidentally hit the button while vacuum, so the latch did swing open a couple of times. Just be aware of where your hands are on the device while using.

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The dustbin comes with a HEPA filter and filter mesh that is cleanable. The manual has instructions on how to clean and not clean the filters, and I discovered that between my car and the hard-to-reach places of my home, the filter mesh needed cleaning almost right away!

The vacuum comes in two colors: orange or blue. I went with blue, just because orange isn't often in my household. I did discover that when the roller base is attached to the motor head, it's a tad bit top-heavy and won't stand up straight. The bracket is highly recommended for storage, as it will hang, and there are instructions on how to set that up.

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Overall, I highly recommend grabbing the INSE S670 to upgrade your vacuum life. You won't be sorry with this 8-in-1 device that allows you to clean virtually any space in your home, garage, or car! It is made to capture pet hair very well, so if your little 4 legged creature has tuffs of hair floating around, the 670 will grab it. It managed to grab dog food, dirt (lots of it), leaves, even tiny gravel found in the base of my car!

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I absolutely love this vacuum, and I'm only sad because the battery life wasn't long enough to get my home and car done at the same time. I also didn't want to burn out the motor with repetitive use as well, but I really don't think that is much of an issue.

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Thanks to Inse for participating in our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide.