Troubleshooting of INSE V70 Vacuum Cleaner

Q1: Why doesn't the vacuum cleaner work properly?

Check if the battery needs to be recharged or if there is any blockage in the vacuum. Then follow the steps below to troubleshoot:

1. Detach all the attachments, use only the vacuum motor, and test if it can work properly.
If not, please send us a video of the indicator lights on the motor when testing. We will help you confirm the problem and provide a solution accordingly.

If the vacuum head can work properly, please continue step 2.

2. Connect the brush directly to the vacuum motor, and test if the machine can work properly.
This step is to check if it is the metal tube's problem.

Q2: The suction power of the vacuum cleaner is weaker than before.

The suction problem is normally caused by clogging or air leakage.

1. Check if the battery needs to be recharged.

2. Check if the dustbin and the filters need cleaning.

3. Check if there is any blockage in the tube of the motorized cleaner head that needs to be removed.

4. The motor and filters are damaged and need to be replaced.

Q3: The motor has a strange sound when the vacuum cleaner is working.

Please check if the filter and strainer are properly installed. The filter and strainer are designed to block out dust and small particle and protect the motor, please make sure to use the vacuum with these two parts.

Q4: The roller brush stops spinning.

Check if the roller brush is stuck and needs cleaning.

There is a circuit breaker in the motorized cleaner's head, when the roller is stuck or when there is a program error, the vacuum will shut off automatically to protect the motor and need to rest for a while before it can work again.

Q5: The vacuum is not charging.

This problem could be caused by the battery or adaptor, either the battery or the adaptor needs to be replaced.

1. Please make sure to use the matched adaptor to charge the battery.

2. Normally, it takes about 4-5 hours for the battery to be fully charged, when the battery is fully charged, the indicator light will be SOLID and this inse vacuum stops blinking blue light.

Q6: The vacuum cleaner keeps throwing the trash back out.

The problem is probably caused by clogging.

1. Ensure the vacuum is turned off, and disconnect all accessories.

2. Check for blockages in the Tube, Cleaner head, and Inlet of the dust cup.

3. Empty the Dust Cup and check if the filter needs cleaning or replacing.

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