Troubleshooting of INSE N5S/N5 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Q1. My vacuum cleaner has no suction, what can I do?

1. Check whether the battery needs charging and check if it could be charged fully and show three indicator lights.

2. Check if the dustbin, strainer or filters is full of dust.

If you used it to pick up a lot of debris or particles, the filter would be filled with dust after using a long time which reduces suction.

For N5 with cotton filter:

Please take off all the cotton filters and wash them with water and then install them back after completely air drying.

For N5S with HEPA filter:

Please empty the dustbin, wash the strainer and mesh filter with cool water, and clean the HEPA filter with the cleanging gadget, replace the filter if necessary.

3. Check if the filters were installed correctly. Make sure every connection between the components is tight, especially the bottom cover of the dust cabin.

4. Check if any inlet port was clogged or the dust cup was full (over -MAX- mark).

5. Check if there is any blockage in tube, or roller brush is tangled by hair.

If the steps above don't help, please confirm the info below:

1) Please take a photo of the filter after taking it out of the dust box. We will help you confirm whether it needs to be replaced if it is no longer clean.

2) Please detach the motorhead with the extension rod, just triggering on the motorhead(along with the battery), then try to use the motorhead to pick something up and take a video of its performance.

Q2. The battery drains out quickly and cannot hold a charge.

Battery tips:

1. Please make sure to use the original adapter to charge the battery, or the battery performance will decline or even lead to a defective battery.

2. It takes about 4-5 hours for the battery to be fully charged, when the battery is fully charged, the three indicator lights will be solid on and stop flashing.

3. Normally the battery can work for about 20-45 minutes on standard speed and 10-20 minutes on high speed, and its working time varies on different cleaning occasions.

Q3. Roller brush doesn't spin but motorhead has suction.

1. Check if the roller brush is tangled by hair.

2. Check if there is a blockage inside the extendable wand.

3. Check if the pins on the brush head and metal tube bend or break up.

4. Confirm that the battery is charged by the original adapter and is fully charged, three indicator lights should be solid.

5. Detach the metal tube, and connect the motorized brush with the vacuum motor directly to check if the brush works.

* If the motorized brush spins and the LED light is on, then it's the problem with the metal tube.

* If the LED light is on but the motorized brush doesn't spin, then it's the problem of the motorized brush.

Q4. The motor has a strange sound when the vacuum cleaner is working.

1. Check if the filter and strainer are properly installed. Please note that the filter and strainer are designed to block out the dust and small particle and protect the motor, please make sure to use the vacuum with these two parts.

2. Check if the main suction port or the metal tube is blocked. Please clean the blockage in time.

3. If the vacuum is clean and the motorhead still has a strange noise, it is recommended to replace the motorhead as it is likely to have some dust inside it.

Q5. The vacuum cleaner doesn't work/stops working.

It may be caused by a low battery or blockage.

a. If it is caused by a low battery, please charge the motor with the battery inserted.

b. If the suction port is blocked, please clean the blockage and leak out the battery and charge it.

If the battery is fully charged and there is no blockage.

1. Detach all the attachments, use only the vacuum motor, test if it can work properly.

If not, please take a video of the indicator lights on the motor when testing and send it to

If step 1 works, please continue step 2.

2. Detach the metal tube, connect the brush directly to the vacuum motor, test if the machine can work properly.

If the head brush works properly, the faulty part is the tube.

Q6. My vacuum cleaner picks up trash but throws it back out

The problem is probably caused by clogging.

1. Ensure the vacuum is turned off, disconnect all accessories.

2. Check for blockages in the metal tube, Cleaner head.

3. Empty the Dust Cup and check if the filter needs replaced.

If still no help, please send a photo of the filter to

Q7: Keep shutting off after running for 10 seconds

Please detach the metal tube and motorized brush, test the vacuum motor ONLY and see if it works properly.

1. If the vacuum motor works, please connect the motorized brush with the vacuum motor directly to check if the brush spins.

2. If the vacuum motor doesn't work, please press the ON button once, and then send us a video to show this, our technicians will further confirm whether there is a problem with the battery or the motor.

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