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INSE S6T Cordless Vacuum 23Kpa Powerful Suction for Pet Hair Carpets Cleaning

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    INSE S6T Cordless Vacuum 23Kpa Powerful Suction vacuum for Pet Hair Carpets CleaningColor:
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    👉With a soft roller brush and a stiff roller brush, the INSE S6T cordless suction vacuum could deal with all types of hard floors, low pile carpets, and medium-pile carpets.

    👉The brushless DC motor provides 23 Kpa strong suction, builds a vacuum for allergies, tackles the daily waste easily, and keeps it clean and tidy.

    👉Multifunction feature is achieved with the help of 4 accessories, also you can have clear eyesight when vacuuming in the dark because of its LED lights in the forehead of the brush head.

    👉45 min maximal runtime offers a thorough clean of the whole house or apartment in one charge, reducing the frequency of running back to charge the battery and waiting restlessly. (Run 12-20 min in the high power setting, 30-40 min in the low power setting)

    👉Equipped with a unique bed brush, the S6T vacuum cleaner can easily remove the bed bugs, dust, and hair on the bed and give you a fresh and clean environment to sleep in, you won't feel itchy when sleeping anymore if vacuuming regularly.

    👉A 5-stage cyclone filtration system could better keep the waste inside the bin, separate the dust and dirt from the air, and release fresh air out, a bonus for allergies.

    👉The INSE S6T cordless stick vacuum is the new version of INSE S6, which updates the filtration to a higher level - HEPA filter that can remove 99,97% of pollen, dust, animal scales, and other particles. 


    Powerful Motor: 250W

    Battery: 2500mAh

    Suction Power: 23Kpa

    Lightweight Body: 3.31lbs

    Dusbin Capacity: 1.2L

    Charging Time: 5.5h


    cordless vacuum with two roller

    Two Roller Brushes

    S6T cordless vacuum could be operated as a vacuum for hardwood floors and a vacuum cleaner for carpet. Along with the bigger motorized brush head, it has soft and stiff roller brushes for hardwood floors and carpets exclusively. The stiff roller brush helps pick up more debris and gives a polished look into hard floors. With a soft-fabric brush roll, it could not only clean the top or surface of the carpet fibers but also clean down to the bottom of the carpet fibers.

    inse s6t pet hair cordless vacuum has updated filtration system than

    Upgraded HEPA Filtration

    The brushless DC motor of this suction vacuum offers ultra-strong suction to clean visible debris and non-visible fine debris which is not only being picked up but also contained within the vacuum with longer run-time without sacrificing power. Thanks to its upgraded HEPA filtration system, it boosts the original power and helps reduce suction loss, and could maintain better and more stable performance. Switching from low power setting to high power setting, tackle with various types of household waste.

    inse s6T pet hair cordless vacuum meet every house cleaning

    Fit Any Scenarios

    Unlike any other standard vacuum, this multi-surface vacuum cleaner is uniquely designed to be capable of tackling tile, laminate, wood, area rugs, upholstery, and carpet well. Combine a mixture of adaptability and 4 right attachments, they work together to clean all types of surfaces with LED lights in the head of the head brush. You could switch it between handheld vacuum from stick vacuum easily to meet more cleaning needs.

    inse s6T pet hair cordless vacuum with 8 cells of

    Powerful Motor&Battery

    Removable and rechargeable vacuums are widely known by people, this S6T cordless vacuum that is equipped with a 2500 mAH large capacity battery is even more remarkable. Its battery supplies longer-lasting runtime and steady performance which makes the vacuuming chore convenient, fast and thorough. It could last for a maximum of 45 mins in the low power setting, 15-20 mins in the high power setting of maximal suction. 

    cordless vacuum for car cleaning with flexible

    Flexible Hose to clean cars

    It could also work as a vacuum for cars. It has an extending hose nozzle that helps it maneuver in, under, and around seats to find runaway dirt and debris. Just attach the motorhead with the flexible hose, no need to move the whole vacuum in such a narrow space, all the small debris or big particles could be picked up by its strong suction.

    cordless vacuum five layers of

    Updated HEPA Filtration

    The 5-stage cyclone filtration system with a washable metal filter mesh and a HEPA filter help block 99.97% of dust and debris and release fresh air. No matter before or after vacuuming, it is super easy to finish the chore. Creating a clean and cozy living environment and guaranteeing families' health is never a problem. 

    • cordless vacuum friendly to

      Friendly for Asthmatic

      What sets this vacuum apart is the fact that this dust vacuum cleaner features a sealed air system that helps trap allergens inside the vacuum. 

    • inse s6T pet hair cordless vacuum for low pile

      Clean Low&Medium Pile Rugs

      If you are having trouble cleaning the low/medium pile carpet, this carpet vacuum cleaner is what you need.

    • cordless vacuum with 1.2L large dust

      1.2L Large Dustbox

      This cordless stick vacuum has one of the biggest 1.2L dustbin sizes in the cordless vacuum market, just after Dyson V11 Outsize.

    • inse s6T pet hair cordless vacuum easy

      Easy Storage

      Two methods to store the stick vacuum, it could self stand or just hang on the wall. 

    • inse s6T pet hair cordless vacuum one press to

      One Press Empty

      You can still have a relaxing mood after vacuuming. Only one press on the release button, get the debris and all the troubles out.

    • inse s6T pet hair cordless vacuum washable metal filter and unwashable

      Keep Strong Suction

      The HEPA filter is unwashable but could be cleaned using the cleaning gadget, which can maintain the suction and release fresh air.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 498 reviews
    Daniel Brenner
    Good Vacuum

    The vacuum is good. Very similar to a Dyson but a fraction of the cost. Many attachments included. I would like if the charger was integrated into the wall mount.

    Evelyn cardona
    in love

    super powerful and soooo easy to use, imagine no
    bothersome cord, you can just keep cleaning all over the house.Having 2 batteries you will never run out of power!

    Donna Kirk

    Vacuum is easy for seniors to use. It is light, has ample battery life and suction. Pleasure to use.

    Michael Potter
    Battery run time

    I would liked the battery to last longer.

    John Ritter
    Love it.

    Cat and Birds don't care since it's so quiet. Great Buy!