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INSE S63 Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries 28Kpa Powerful Suction

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INSE S63 Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries 28Kpa Powerful Suction
INSE S63 Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries 28Kpa Powerful Suction clean floor
INSE S63 Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries 28Kpa Powerful Suction for stairs
INSE S6P Pro Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries clean crevice with crevice
INSE S63 Cordless Vacuum clean high space
INSE S63 Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries 28Kpa Powerful Suction
INSE S63 Cordless Vacuum with all parts
INSE S63 Cordless Vacuum with two filters
INSE S63 Cordless Vacuum with six filters


➡️INSE S63 cordless vacuum has two powerful, 2500mAh batteries for up to 90 minutes of runtime, ensuring thorough cleaning without interruption.

➡️Featuring stiff rollers for varying floor types and a 28Kpa brushless DC motor for strong suction, it can easily tackle daily dirt and keep your home clean.

➡️INSE S63 cordless stick vacuum is an updated version of INSE S6P Pro with a HEPA filter that removes up to 99.97% of particles, making it perfect for those with allergies.



Powerful Motor: 250W

Battery: 2500mAh

Suction Power: 28Kpa

Lightweight Body: 3.3lbs

Dusbin Capacity: 1.2L

Charging Time: 5.5h


inse s6p pro cordless vacuum with 2

Whole House Clean

INSE S63 cordless stick vacuum with two batteries is ideal for larger homes or apartments, with longer runtime and two power settings for versatile cleaning. Use the low power setting for small debris and the high power setting for larger particles.


Multifunction Vacuum

This 10-in-1 Multi-Surface bagless vacuum is a professional-grade, cordless vacuum with a variety of accessories for cleaning every scenario. From narrow corners to bed bugs, this vacuum can handle it all without the hassle of a power cable.


Multisurface Vacuum

The S63 cordless vacuum cleans both hardwood floors and carpets with its motorized brush head and soft&stiff roller brushes. The roller brush picks up debris and polishes hard floors, while it can also clean carpet fibers from top to bottom.

cordless vacuum five layers of

Upgraded HEPA Filtration

Its 5-stage cyclone filtration system, including a washable metal mesh and HEPA filter, blocks 99.97% of dust and debris while releasing fresh air. No matter before or after vacuuming, it is super easy to finish the chore.

  • inse s6p pro cordless vacuum with 2 batteries clean stairs with crevice

    Quick Clean on Stairs

    INSE S6P Pro cordless vacuum is a must-have vacuum for apartments, big or small, as it can easily clean stairs, desktops, and furniture while being user-friendly.

  • inse_s63_cordless_stick_vacuum_clean_the_allergen-simple_image1

    Friendly for Asthmatic

    What makes this dust vacuum cleaner stand out is its sealed air system, which effectively traps allergens inside the vacuum.

  • cordless vacuum with 1.2L large dust

    1.2L Large Dustbin

    With its spacious dustbin, the S6P Pro can handle even the most demanding cleaning tasks without requiring frequent emptying, making it a convenient and efficient cleaning choice.

  • inse_s63_cordless_hepa_vacuum_easy_to_store_and_unwashable_hepa_filter-simple_image5

    Easy Clean and Storage

    Take care that the HEPA filter should not washed with cold water. Instead, it should be cleaned using the provided cleaning gadget to ensure its effectiveness and longevity.

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S63 Parts & Accessories

S6P Pro Parts & Accessories

Customer Reviews

Based on 153 reviews
Kevin Halladay
Fantastic, well built

Had a small problem when unpacking the vacuum and the company respond immediately. Sent the part out and had it in hand five days later. Would recommend this product. It is light weight and works very well.

Easy to use

This cordless vacuum is very good. I no longer have to plug and unplug the vacuum. Its also affordable!!!! I have been using it for a week.

Cordless, no space required for storage

Complete accessories, easy installation, and does not require much space.

Xiufang ouyang
Very easy to use

It is very light and has strong suction. There is a light in the front that can help you to see the dust better. The spinning function is good that it can also reach lots of places in the house.

works good

Its light and easy to move around. Baterry life good , amazing vacuum super light weight, thanks.