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INSE S6P Pro Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries 23Kpa Powerful Suction

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INSE S6P Pro Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries 23Kpa Powerful SuctionColor:
INSE S6P Pro Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries clean the
INSE S6P Pro Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries for stairs with head
INSE S6P Pro Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries clean bed bugs with bed
INSE S6P Pro Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries clean crevice with crevice
INSE S6P Pro Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries clean car with flexible
INSE S6P Pro Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries clean ceiling with retractable
INSE S6P Pro Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries for pet
INSE S6P Pro Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries 23Kpa Powerful Suction
INSE S6P Pro Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries with all
INSE S6P Pro Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries with two
INSE S6P Pro Cordless Vacuum with 2 Batteries with six


👉With two batteries whose capacity is 2500mAh, almost the largest in the market, INSE S6P Pro cordless stick vacuum ensures maximal 90 minutes runtime, which could be called the longest-lasting cordless vacuum.

👉With a soft roller brush and a stiff roller brush, the INSE S6P Pro cordless vacuum cleaner could deal with all types of hard floors, low pile carpets, and medium-pile carpets.

👉The brushless DC motor that is lighter, stronger, tougher provides 23Kpa strong suction, builds a vacuum for allergies, tackles the daily waste easily, and keeps it clean and tidy.

👉90 min maximal runtime offers a thorough clean of the whole house or apartment in one charge, reducing the frequency of running back to charge the battery and waiting restlessly. (Two batteries, one battery runs 12-20 min in the high power setting, 30-40 min in the low power setting)

👉A 5-stage cyclone filtration system could better keep the waste inside the bin, separate the dust and dirt from the air, and release fresh air out, a bonus for allergies.

👉Equipped with a unique bed brush, the S6P Pro vacuum cleaner can easily remove the bed bugs, dust, and hair on the bed and give you a fresh and clean environment to sleep in, you won't feel itchy when sleeping anymore if vacuuming regularly. 

👉The INSE S6P Pro cordless stick vacuum is the new version of INSE S6P, which updates the filtration to a higher level - HEPA filter that can remove 99,97% of pollen, dust, animal scales, and other particles. 


Powerful Motor: 250W

Battery: 2500mAh

Suction Power: 23Kpa

Lightweight Body: 3.3lbs

Dusbin Capacity: 1.2L

Charging Time: 5.5h


inse s6p pro cordless vacuum with 2

Whole House Clean

Such a cordless vacuum with 2 batteries is widely accepted by people who have a relatively big house or apartment, its longer operation time helps a lot and reduces frequent charging. Additionally, this battery vacuum has two power settings to fit more cleaning situations. You could use the low power setting to clean small debris like dirt and hair and use the high power setting to pick up big particles like cat litter and so on.

inse s6p pro cordless vacuum with 2 batteries fit any house cleaning

Multifunction Vacuum

This 10-in-1 Multi-surface bagless vacuum has no power cable - it only gets in the way. No more plugging in/out. With a bunch of accessories, you have no more worry about the different scenarios or incidents. The debris that is in the narrow corners? The spider web that is on the ceiling? The pieces of snacks that are in the couch gap? The dust that is trapped between the car seats? The beg bugs that are embedded on the bed? All can be solved by only this professional vacuum cleaner.

inse s6p pro cordless vacuum with 2 batteries clean bed bugs with bed

Clean Hair on Bed

The brushless DC motor offers ultra-strong suction to clean visible debris and non-visible fine debris which is not only being picked up but also contained within the vacuum with longer run-time without sacrificing power. Thanks to the bed brush, the suction vacuum does a brilliant job of sucking up pet hairs and making couches and mattresses feel fresh and clean. Switching from low power setting to high power setting, tackle with various types of household waste.

cordless vacuum with two roller

Multisurface Vacuum

This S6P Pro cordless vacuum could be operated as a vacuum for hardwood floors and a vacuum cleaner for carpet. Along with the bigger motorized brush head, it has soft and stiff roller brushes for hardwood floors and carpets exclusively. The stiff roller brush helps pick up more debris and gives a polished look into hard floors. With a soft-fabric brush roll, it could not only clean the top or surface of the carpet fibers but also clean down to the bottom of the carpet fibers.

cordless vacuum five layers of

Upgraded HEPA Filtration

The 5-stage cyclone filtration system with a washable metal filter mesh and a HEPA filter helps block 99.97% of dust and debris and release fresh air. No matter before or after vacuuming, it is super easy to finish the chore. Creating a clean and cozy living environment and guaranteeing families' health is never a problem. 

cordless vacuum for car cleaning with flexible

Vacuum for Cars

It could also work as a vacuum for cars. It has an extending hose nozzle that helps it maneuver in, under, and around seats to find runaway dirt and debris. Just attach the motorhead with the flexible hose, no need to move the whole vacuum in such a narrow space, all the small debris or big particles could be picked up by its strong suction.

  • inse s6p pro cordless vacuum with 2 batteries clean stairs with crevice

    Quick Clean on Stairs

    You could call it a vacuum for apartments, small or big, never has been an issue. Stairs, desktops, it is friendly to any furniture in the room.

  • cordless vacuum friendly to

    Friendly for Asthmatic

    What sets this vacuum apart is the fact that this dust vacuum cleaner features a sealed air system that helps trap allergens inside the vacuum. 

  • cordless vacuum with 1.2L large dust

    Large Dustbin

    This cordless stick vacuum has one of the biggest dustbin sizes in the cordless vacuum market, just after Dyson V11 Outsize.

  • inse s6p pro cordless vacuum with 2 batteries easy storage and

    Easy Clean and Storage

    Beware that it is not recommended to wash the HEPA filter with cool water but clean it with the cleaning gadget.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Kevin Halladay
Fantastic, well built

Had a small problem when unpacking the vacuum and the company respond immediately. Sent the part out and had it in hand five days later. Would recommend this product. It is light weight and works very well.

Rox brass
Thank you Danna

Service are very great and fast response

Lee Hodsdon
Good light-duty performance, needs some improvement

Not sure what the point is for the rows of perforations above the tip of the crevice tool. Seems this would reduce suction by allowing an alternate air flow other than at the tip. Probably will apply tape over the perforations to maximize suction at the tip.

Cannot extend or retract long tube while holding the base. The release is on the upper tube, and that is connected to the base, so cannot push the release and extend the lower tube. Need to prop the base on something while using one hand to hold the upper tube and press the release and use the other hand to pull out/in the lower tube.

While the spec for vacuum seems high, still has a problem picking up sand and cat litter trekked by cat onto rugs and carpet. Instead of using the larger carpet head, found using the smaller sofa head picks up better. Probably because the same amount of vacuum is distributed over a smaller surface area; i.e., more vacuum per square inch with the small sofa brush head than with the larger carpet head.

Would prefer 3 stiff bristles row in carpet brush head. Currently it has 2 soft/spongy rows and 1 stiff brush row. Need to more agitate the carpet to loosen the debris to vacuum up rather than using spongy rows to push around what is atop the carpet.

The cutter tool for removing hair from rollers is handy. Would like the curved head part to be thinner to fit into coin slot in plug at end of heads for disassembly. Hair gets into pivot or bushing at the ends of the roller in the head case, so head needs disassembly to get hair out of pivot to make reduce friction when spinning. Disassembly is easy which facilitates cleaning out stuck debris inside bushing; however, a tweezers is needed to get at the wound up debris in the pivot area.

Not sure that the movable shield is for in the sofa head. It doesn't move very easily. It will move when I focus on moving the head to make the shield move, but it doesn't move by itself while moving the sofa head around. I checked, but there is no debris that would increase friction, and only one side can be lightly lubricated in trying to make the shield move more easily. I'll be vacuuming, realize the shield is not in the optimal position, and have to press on the head to move the shield.

Although the manual says the +/- button is to change speeds (normal, high), the power switch pulled by the finger does that, too. When powered on, the first speed is normal. When pulled again, the speed ups to high. Another pull and the unit turns off. So speeds can be cycled through using the power switch. The +/- button is really only useful if the user wants to switch speeds without cycling through the off position with the power switch. The manual says "Press the power switch to on the vacuum, and then press it again to tun it off." No, the 1st press turns on in normal speed, a 2nd press does NOT turn off but cycles to high speed, and a 3rd press turns it off. Too often while vacuuming, my finger will partially come off and back onto the power switch, like when pushing forward and back on the vacuum. This causes a change in speed or powering off. I have to remember to use the power switch, but thereafter release my index finger off the power switch, so I'm using 3 fingers instead of 4 to control the vacuum movement.

In order of vacuum and cleaning results, the order from best to worst is: Hoover upright, Atrix canister, and this cordless vacuum. In order of convenience from best to worst is: this cordless vacuum, Atrix canister, and Hoover upright. I got this cordless stick vac to daily clean up the litter my cat tracks out of the box despite there are mats and pads at the box which help to grab some litter of the cat's paws. I also wanted a handheld vacuum with flex hose and dust brush to be easier than the canister vacuum with its long hose to do dusting.

Glad I got the unit that included 2 batteries. By the time I vacuum up one room and part of another, I need another battery to complete the 2nd room. Instead of a separate charger, would've appreciated a wall stand that brought power to the stored vacuum. The Moosoo K17G is like this: vacuum charges when hanging in wall mount, plus some cleaning tools can be held in the wall mount. When stored hanging from wall mount, the vacuum would be charging. Neater than having to run a cord from wall wart in an outlet to a battery. I had the Moosoo K17G, but it got returned due to missing flex hose and sofa brush head. It was like they sent me the K17 model, but with the K17G charging wall mount. I couldn't trust Walmart to get me the correct model, they had this 2-battery unit but you had a good deal to include more filters for cheaper, so I ordered direct from you.

Because of being cordless, I now vacuum more often, like every day or two instead of about 2 months. I still have to use the upright and canister vacuums, but those are for more thorough cleaning when the rugs and carpet are more dirty...

Don Gustafson
The INSE S6P Pro & Danna in Customer Service are both winners

I love my INSE S6P Pro. It is so lightweight and efficient and, with two batteries included, it runs for a long time. When certain parts of the powerhead broke, it was Danna of Customer Service who cheerfully came to the rescue. She apologized for the problem I was having and instantly had a new powerhead sent to me. It is people like Danna who make this such a wonderful company to do business with.

Thank you so much for your support and sharing!! ♥

Great Service from Danna at Inse

Danna diligently followed up a problem with my delivery in a most caring way - thanks again Danna!