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INSE® S610 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 25kpa Powerful Suction 6 in 1 Multifunction | Upgraded

INSE S610 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner | 25Kpa Strong Suction Stick Vacuum with 45min Max Long Runtime| Detachable & Rechargeable Battery | Upgraded HEPA filter
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  • 25Kpa Ultra-Strong Suction-this INSE S610 cordless stick vacuum cleaner helps housekeepers to keep the house clean and tidy, pick up all the debris and pet hair, the furry pet won't make the house furry.
  • 2500mAh capacity of the battery provides enough support to the motor, longer runtime and two power settings design makes all the cleaning chore seems effortless.
  • 5-stage cyclone filtration system-the updated HEPA filter is capable to deal with more debris and dirt, helping block 99.97% of pollen, dust, animal scales, and other particles.
  • 1.2L Super Large Dustbin-this bagless vacuum could have more space to keep the waste inside the dustbin and avoid frequent emptying, and one press design keeps your hands clean.


INSE S600 cordless vacuum-1

This pet vacuum has a talent for dealing with pet hair. The rubber trim on floor nozzles and attachments help zap static and break the bonds so fur comes up more easily. With the soft&stiff roller brush, no need to switch from hard floor type to carpet type, it can handle them perfectly at the same time. 

INSE S610 cordless vacuum cleaner-2

Compared with all the others, it is the longest-lasting cordless vacuum. 2500mAh capacity adds power to the motor and provides longer runtime. The low power setting that goes up to 40-45 mins can deal with hair, dust, and small particles, while the high power setting that could still run 15-20 mins could pick up the fine dust and larger particles like cat litter.

INSE S610 cordless vacuum cleaner-3

This vacuum specifically for pet hair even includes specialized various tools so you can conquer the sofa, ceilings, corners, and more to pick up hair you can't even see. The 6-in-1 Multifunction vacuum could switch the stick mode to handheld mode easily, achieve different levels of cleaning in any scenario with those accessories.

INSE S610 cordless vacuum cleaner-4

Compared with the old version which uses cotton filters, the upgraded S610 is equipped with a HEPA filter, which is known as a high-efficient filter material and could tackle almost all the daily hair and debris. No matter before or after vacuuming, it is super easy to finish the chore. Creating a clean and cozy living environment and guaranteeing families' health is never a problem. 

INSE S610 cordless vacuum cleaner-5

Twice as big as other cordless vacuum cleaners, its dustbin is 1.2L, which does not occupy so much energy and time to empty. easy-to-empty dust cups for inevitable and frequent dumping as you vacuum. Also, it allows trapping more odors to eliminate smells in the vacuum and from the room.

INSE S610 cordless vacuum cleaner-6

After vacuuming, this vacuum is prepared to be stored neatly. You don't need to find a certain area to place the vacuum, this wall-mounted cordless vacuum could be hung on the wall as an ornament, or the motorhead could be detached and become a self-stand vacuum which could save more space and preserve the room tidy and clean.


INSE S600 cordless vacuum-7 INSE S600 cordless vacuum-8
This is a vacuum for carpet and hardwood. No scratches on the hardwood and can dig deep into the carpet fiber to roll up the debris embedded.  With a cleaning gadget, pet hair, or human hair that tangles the roller brush could be cleared out casually.
INSE S600 cordless vacuum-9 INSE S610 cordless vacuum -10
What sets this vacuum apart is the fact that this dust vacuum cleaner features a sealed air system that is friendly to allergy sufferers. It is not recommended to wash the HEPA filter with cool water, but the metal filter and mesh filter are washable.

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INSE S610 cordless vacuum