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INSE® N5S Cordless Vacuum 145w 12kpa Suction Power 6 in 1 Stick Vacuum | Upgraded

145W motor provides strong power | 2-speed cleaning mode with extra 2 cleaning tools | Multi combinations meet your various cleaning needs | Lightweight machine body & Rechargeable battery | Upgraded HEPA filter
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  • Equipped with a 145W motor that provides 12Kpa suction, INSE N5S cordless vacuum cleaner is suitable for small apartments and can clean out the debris on the muti types of hard floor and low/medium pile carpets.
  • 2200 mAh battery capacity could boost the runtime to a maximum of 45 minutes, which enables you to do a thorough cleaning of your house without frequent charging.
  • This 6-in-1 Multi-function cordless stick vacuum could clean the space from high to low, and satisfy all household cleaning needs.
  • 1.2L dustbin- N5S vacuum cleaner could store much debris and avoid constantly emptying, reducing the burden of vacuuming.
  • With the LED lights on the head and small wheels under the bottom of the flexible brush head, you could take the vacuum anywhere and clean anywhere.
  • The upgraded HEPA filtration system makes it easy to filter more debris, reduce the suction loss and maintain a good suction.


INSE N5S cordless vacuum-8

145W Motor Power offers 12Kpa suction, this vacuum for small apartments makes cleaning more than easy. It fits all types of laminate floors and hardwood floors without scratches due to its soft fabric strip underneath the brush head. This is also a vacuum cleaner for rugs which could deal with the debris on the low or medium pile carpets. 

INSE N5S cordless vacuum-9

This cordless vacuum with light illuminates all the dark corners and the dark zone under the bed or other furniture, this design helps cleaning more tangible and visible. Its flexible brush head with small wheels under it could be pulled anywhere without effort.

INSE N5S cordless vacuum-10

No power cable – it only gets in the way. No more plugging in/out. Moreover, this easy home 6 in 1 cordless stick vacuum can be switched to a handheld vacuum cleaner to meet more cleaning needs, from high to low, from the bright ceiling to the dark ground corner.

INSE N5S cordless vacuum-11

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for home, this must be your number one choice. It is convenient to use and to maintain at home, watch over families' health and create a clean living environment. Its HEPA filter could help block 99.97% of dust and debris and release fresh air, preventing bad germs from growing and surviving.

INSE N5S cordless vacuum-12

Equipped with a 2200mAh capacity battery, it can run about 20 mins at the high power setting, which could sweep away big particles and dust collection. And this cordless vacuum with a removable battery has a low power setting as well which could also tackle daily waste and hair.

INSE N5S cordless vacuum-13

When you purchase a vacuum sweeper, you should take the dustbin into account especially if you need to vacuum a lot of debris or large debris that takes up a lot of space in the bin like pet hair. This cordless stick vacuum has a 1.2L large dustbin, thus you don't need to empty it frequently when vacuuming.

INSE N5S cordless vacuum-14 INSE N5S cordless vacuum-15
If you have stairs in your house, this hardwood floor vacuum could move freely and does not occupy much space. Combine the motorhead with the 2-in-1 cleaning brush, this vacuum for sofa improve the life of the sofa by making it fresh and clean.
INSE N5S cordless vacuum-15 INSE N5S cordless vacuum-17
Combine the motorhead with the crevice tool, this vacuum for furniture could easily handle the debris that is trapped in the gap. This combination could help you extend much longer than others. The ceiling vacuum could help you maintain the cleanliness of the curtain.
INSE N5S cordless vacuum-18 INSE N5S cordless vacuum-19-1
This combination can extend to a great distance, and with the crevice tool on high, you could clean the corners on the ceiling. Compared with the old version, the HEPA filter could maintain stronger suction by more efficiently filtering daily debris.

INSE N5S cordless vacuum-20


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