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INSE V120 Cordless Vacuum For Hard Floors with 33Kpa Powerful Suction

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INSE V120 Cordless Vacuum For Hard Floors with 33Kpa Powerful Suction
INSE V120 cordless vacuum for hardwood floors for
INSE V120 cordless vacuum for hardwood floors for
INSE V120 cordless vacuum for hardwood floors for
INSE V120 cordless vacuum for hardwood floors for
INSE V120 cordless vacuum for hardwood floors with all
INSE V120 cordless vacuum for hardwood
INSE V120 Cordless Vacuum For Hard Floors with 33Kpa Powerful Suction
INSE V120 cordless vacuum for hardwood floors with two
INSE V120 cordless vacuum for hardwood floors Blue with two
INSE V120 cordless vacuum for hardwood floors


➡️Powerful 33Kpa Suction-INSE V120 features a 150AW brushless motor, generating 30Kpa suction for effective cleaning on carpets, floors, stairs, and cars.

➡️60-Min Runtime & Lightweight-With a detachable 7x2500mAh battery, enjoy up to 60 minutes of cleaning in standard mode. Weighing just 9 lbs, it's perfect for one-handed use.

➡️LED Smart Display & Easy Emptying-The LED screen displays suction control, battery level, and alerts for easy, intelligent cleaning. Adjust suction modes with the speed button and empty the dustbin with one click.

➡️Consistent Suction & Ergonomic-The INSE V120 maintains powerful suction, brushing from floor to air outlet. Its ergonomic handle makes cleaning easy, perfect for pet owners and busy households.

➡️Multi-Purpose & User-Friendly-Equipped with various attachments, it cleans sofas, cars, keyboards, and high places. The Easy Rest design allows safe propping against furniture, making cleaning hassle-free.

➡️5-Stage High-Efficiency Filtration-This fully-sealed vacuum captures 99.99% of dust particles, providing purified air and preventing secondary pollution. Features a high-efficiency cyclonic cone and an extra, unwashable HEPA filter.


Powerful Motor: 150AW

Battery: 2500mAh

Suction Power: 33Kpa

Lightweight Body: 3lbs

Dusbin Capacity: 1L

Charging Time: 3.5-4h


inse v120 cordless suction vacuum-pick up coffee

Ultra Strong Suction

Experience unparalleled cleaning power with this cordless stick vacuum, featuring a 150AW brushless motor that delivers an impressive 33Kpa suction strength. Effortlessly switch between three suction modes (Eco, Standard, and Max) to tackle any mess, with the Eco mode even capable of handling large particles like dog food.

inse v120 cordless suction vacuum quick charge powerful

Long Lasting Runtime

The vacuum includes a detachable and rechargeable battery pack with a large capacity of 7*2500mAh. This battery provides up to 60 minutes of cleaning time, and it only takes 3.5 hours to fully charge, so you can quickly get back to cleaning your entire house.

inse v120 cordless suction vacuum with multi clones for better

Powerful Cyclones

Its 6 powerful cyclones create forces of up to 18,800g to effectively remove dust from the airflow. This results in the release of fresh, clean air that is especially beneficial for users with asthma. Enhanced filtration ensures device longevity and lasting performance.

inse v120 cordless suction vacuum with multiple filtration

Fully Sealed

Experience ultimate air purification with our 5-stage high-efficiency filtration system, capturing 99.99% of 0.1um-sized particle dust, keeping your family safe from secondary pollution. Please note that the dustbin cover cannot be closed if lost or improperly installed.

inse v120 cordless suction vacuum with LCD

LCD Display

Stay on top of your cleaning with the vacuum's smart LCD display, which allows you to monitor performance in real time. The display shows important information such as battery level, three suction modes, dustbin full reminder, and roller tangled alert for seamless operation.

inse v120 cordless suction vacuum straight

One-Line Cyclone

The easy home cordless cyclonic stick vacuum's one-line design allows for direct suction without any loss, as the cyclone passes through the metal tube that runs straight through the dust cup and motor. Enjoy super strong and efficient suction power.

  • inse v120 cordless suction vacuum for hardwood floor and

    For Hard Floors & Low Carpets

    With ease, pick up large particles such as dog food, cat litter, and debris from a variety of surfaces including marble, tile, hardwood floors, stairs, cars, and carpets.

  • inse v120 cordless suction vacuum with anti-tangled design head

    Anti-Tangled Hair V-Shaped Brush

    Featuring a V-shape roller brush, it is designed to gather and vacuum up garbage from the middle, effectively preventing hair from wrapping around the roller.

  • inse v120 cordless suction vacuum with flexible head

    Motorized Brush with LED Lights

    Boasting 180° sideways swiveling and 90° up and down movement, it easily accesses hard-to-reach areas. Plus, the built-in LED lights guarantee no shred of dirt goes unnoticed.

  • inse v120 cordless suction vacuum two charging

    Wall Mounted & Easy Rest

    Choose your preferred charging method and leave the vacuum leaning on countertops or furniture without the worry of it falling over.

  • inse v120 cordless suction vacuum easy clean after

    Washable Strainer & Dustbin

    Maintain the vacuum's powerful suction by regularly cleaning the dustbin components. Please note that it is not recommended to wash the HEPA filter.

  • inse v120 cordless suction vacuum one push to easy

    No Dust Inhaled In

    Its 1L dustbin capacity allows for less frequent emptying, while the one-press design helps prevent dust inhalation during the emptying process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Marco Flamini
Quite good

I bought inse v120 becouse from the features, I read that it has a battery life of 60 minutes and I was hoping that at maximum suction power, it reaches perhaps 20 minutes.
I always use it at maximum power and i'd say it works well but for those with a large house, i'd recommend buying a second battery.
the price paid seems good to me.

Margaret Liston
Suction power

The suction is much better than my other INSE vacuum. The battery run down quicker when on high power.

Big Foss
Powerful suction!

On the high setting, the battery dies after about 20 minutes, but for a small cordless vacuum, it has powerful suction. I researched and tried a few different brands, and this was best for quality and price. The company is easy to deal with as well. There are few options I wish it had, such as a flexible hose attachment (other brands and models come with it) and an adjustable extension hose. This one is just one solid hose, whereas others can retract or extend. It is very easy to clean and picks up everything including small dust. I would recommend this to others and would buy from this company again, especially since they really back their products.

Great suction power.

Not to heavy. Very powerful, has three speeds. Easy to use. Had a problem with battery after a week. Contacted customer service. Sent a video. They said to try charging battery separately. That worked. They still sent me a spare battery just in case. Great customer service and product. Picks up a lot of dog hair. Wow impressive. Purchased for motorhome. It is getting used around the house now also. It is so convenient and powerful.

Carlson M.
No title

The wall mounting bracket sucks!!!!! Make one that it can slide down into without having to have it sit on the floor!