Daytime TV Show about INSE Top-Rated Pet Hair Vacuums

On August 25th, 2023, in honor of National Dog Day, the NBC affiliate morning show "Daytime" featured a segment on INSE Vacuums designed for pet owners. The segment showcased the vacuums' unique features, gaining viewers' significant attention.

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The show's host, the Lifestyle Expert Jennifer Bonner, loves the dog she recently adopted but is a bit overwhelmed by the pet hair all around the house. Fortunately, she was introduced to INSE vacuums specially designed for dog owners, which are really game-changers.


Reduce Loose Pet Hair at the Source - INSE P20 Pro Pet Grooming Vacuum

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Keep pet hair under control by tackling it directly at its source with the INSE P20 Pro Dog Grooming Vacuum. This innovative vacuum is equipped with a pet grooming brush that not only provides your dog with a heavenly massage but also sucks up loose hair with a simple press.

The deshedding brush is specifically designed to remove excess hair from your dog's thick coat, while the hair clipper, complete with 5 different lengths of guard combs, allows for safe and easy trimming. Even beginners can confidently groom their dogs with this user-friendly tool.

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To further aid in the collection of loose dog hair, the vacuum comes with an attached cleaning brush and crevice tool. Simply use these accessories to gather loose hair from around your home and suck them into the spacious dust box.

The noise level of this vacuum is acceptable for most dogs, ensuring that the grooming process is a breeze for them to relax and enjoy.


Vacuum and Mop at Ease - INSE W5 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum

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Pet Hair, urine, litter, food debris, whether it's wet or dry messes, this INSE W5 wet dry vac could effortlessly pick them up, leaving no stains on your floors.

With its self-propelled feature and cordless design, the INSE W5 allows you to move freely and conveniently to every corner of your home. Its LCD display and voice prompt make it beginner-friendly, ensuring easy operation for anyone.

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Cleaning up after use is a breeze, thanks to the self-cleaning and self-drying capabilities of the INSE W5. In just a few minutes, the vacuum can clean and dry itself, saving you time and effort.


Pet Hair Smasher - INSE S9 Cordless Stick Vacuum

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"Pet hair can affect a vacuum's brush and suction over time, but not this vacuum", certified by Jennifer. Featuring an anti-tangled V-shaped rubber motorized brush, this INSE S9 cordless stick vacuum effortlessly tackles pet hair on various surfaces, including hard floors, rugs, and carpets, by gathering them in the middle. The beater bar is easy to attach and detach to switch to soft bristle one to clean the hardwood floor by a single press. Say goodbye to watching pet hair tangle in the roller - the INSE S9 eliminates that frustration.

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With its strong suction power of up to 30Kpa, this vacuum effectively picks up large particles. Additionally, the auto mode allows the vacuum to detect and determine the best approach for different sizes of debris. When you simply need a light clean-up, the eco mode provides up to 55 minutes of runtime while maintaining powerful and effective cleaning performance. The equipped HEPA filtration efficiently blocks allergens like pet dander, ensuring the release of fresh air.


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