INSE S10 Cordless Stick Review

The  INSE 350W Cordless Stick Vacuum
The INSE 350W Cordless Stick Vacuum
Walter Shillington

Pairing a Robot and a Stick Vacuum

I own one of the newest and most sophisticated robot vacuums on the market. Every morning this plucky little machine brightens my day as it performs the tasks I hate--vacuuming and mopping the floors.

Unfortunately, my Roborock is not perfect. It is too large to squeeze into tight corners, too bulky to slip under low-hanging furniture, and too heavy to lug upstairs. For these areas, I depend on a cordless stick vacuum.

However, as my stick vacuum is beginning to show the effects of prolonged and rugged use, I’ve been reviewing a selection of possible replacements. Today’s candidate is the INSE S10.
The vacuum body Front view back view


The vacuum body of the INSE S10 weighs 3.5 pounds and is composed of purple plastic with black highlights. A 2200mAh Lithium battery provides power and the accumulated debris is stored within a one-liter dustbin. This 350W cyclonic vacuum can create up to 140 air watts of suction.

The S10 consists of the vacuum body, powered multi-surface brush, utility brush, crevice tool, illuminated crevice tool, and an extendable baton. A user guide, mount, AC adapter, and cleaning brush are provided.

This vacuum may be set to one of three suctions levels and locked on to avoid fatigue. The baton extending the vacuum’s reach can be adjusted for each user’s height.

INSE has incorporated a six-stage filtration system that removes 99.97 percent of the dirt particles encountered.
vacuum body review-of-the-inse-350w-cordless-stick-vacuum View of prefilter View of cyclone


Manufacturer: INSE
Name: S10 Cordless Stick Vacuum
Vacuum body weight: 1.6 kilograms (3.5 pounds)
Motor: 350W brushless motor
Maximum Suction: 140AW
Suction method: multi-cyclone (12)
Filter system: Washable HEPA, washable prefilter, multiple cyclones
Rated working time in economy mode: 50 minutes
Rated working time in normal mode: 30 minutes
Rated working time in high power: 15 minutes
Charging time: 4.5 hours
Battery: 25.2V/2200mAh Lithium
Noise Level: 62db (economy), 65db (standard), and 70db (Max)
Dust cup: 1000ml/detachable
Mount: Yes
Power lock: Yes
Accessories: Powered multi-surface brush, utility brush, crevice tool, illuminated
crevice tool, adjustable baton, mount, AC adapter, and a user’s guide
The baton in its extended position

Wall Bracket

While this unit can be secured to a wall utilizing the included low-profile bracket, the accessory brushes must be stored elsewhere.


A 25.2V/2200mAh Lithium battery is supplied with the INSE S10. It can be recharged within 4.5 hours using the provided AC adaptor.
wall mount 2200mAh battery
AC adapter Charging the S10

Powered Floor Brush

The multi-surface brush is typically attached to the baton, which is then connected to the handheld vacuum body. The accessory's motor turns the brush, pulling dirt from hard floors and carpets.

This brush can pivot 75 degrees to the left or right and up and down. Its plastic housing is 10 inches wide and fitted with rollers and wheels that allow it to travel smoothly across the floor.
floor brush 
floor brush

Crevice Tools and Dust Brush

The crevice tools–one of which is equipped with a light—are helpful for tight spots such as behind the cushions of a sofa. Flat surfaces can be handled by the two-position dust brush.
Illuminated crevice tool Short crevice tool Extended utility brush Unextended utility brush


Many vacuum cleaners simply suck in dirt and stuff it into a bag designed to trap debris while allowing air to pass. Robot vacuums operate in a similar manner, substituting the one-use bag for a dustbin and filter. Unfortunately, as the filter or bag becomes blocked by dust, suction will decrease.

This device, however, because it utilizes a cyclonic filtering system, maintains suction while in operation.

The INSE S10’s powerful motor forces dirt-laden air into a cylindrical dustbin and spins it around a plastic cyclone.

Large dirt particles swirl to the edge, fall downward, and accumulate at the bottom of the bin. The less dirty air is drawn toward the cyclone though a series of tiny perforations.

The center cone consists of twelve small cyclones, which, similarly, remove most of the remaining particles of dirt.
HEPA filter Prefilter Cyclone The cyclone has twelve chambers

Suction Modes


This mode is best used when vacuuming hard floors and should allow operation for approximately 50 minutes.


This suction level is intended for hard floors and low-pile carpets. Suction power is significantly increased, and the vacuum is better able to handle heavier materials, such as the kitty litter flung by my exceedingly careless feline.

Operating time in this mode is approximately 30 minutes.

Maximum Suction

A thick and dense carpet covers my main bedroom floor. During the 15 minutes it took to deplete its battery, the S10 pulled an unexpectedly large amount of dust, dirt, and cat hair from this floor and two other carpeted rooms.
S10 fitted with crevice tool Using the crevice tool Cleaning with the utility brush

Cleaning the Filter

You must first remove and inspect the HEPA filter. This filter does not require frequent cleaning since it represents the final phase of the S10’s dust removal system.

Then remove the dustbin from the handle assembly, twist the cyclone free, and pull away its soft, high efficiency prefilter.

While squeezing gently, clean the soft filter with running water. Then rinse the cyclone casing until all 12 cyclonic tubes allow water to pass freely. The dustbin must also be wiped clean.
The dirty cyclone Debris stored within the S10 dustbin Foam side of prefilter after use

Overall Impression

This vacuum is sturdily built, powerful, and equipped with a battery suitable for reasonably lengthy periods of operation. The extendable baton adjusts the vacuum’s reach to conform to the user’s height.

It comes packaged with many accessories, including a powered floor brush, dust brush, and a pair of crevice tools.

The S10’s multi-cyclone system, prefilter, and HEPA filter ensure an overall filtration rate of up to 99.97%.

If you are searching for an effective cordless vacuum at a reasonable price, the INSE S10 is recommended.

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