INSE Collaborates with Popular Daytime TV Show To Celebrate International Dog Day with Pet-Friendly Vacuum Cleaners

SEATTLE, Aug. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- INSE, a prominent brand of cleaning appliances, has collaborated with the popular Daytime TV show to celebrate International Dog Day. Embracing our furry companions, the Daytime TV show showcased three innovative INSE vacuum cleaners specifically developed for the needs of pet owners. Additionally, to acknowledge this meaningful day, INSE is offering an exclusive Dog Day sale on their official website to improve the lives of dog owners and their furkids by making cleaning tasks more manageable.



The Vacuum Cleaners: Designed with Pet Owners in Mind

The three specialized INSE vacuum cleaners featured during the Daytime TV show segment are meticulously designed with pet owners in mind. These vacuum cleaners consist of:

INSE P20 - Groom Your Dog Like a Breeze

INSE P20 dog grooming vacuum is an all-in-one grooming kit, a comprehensive pet grooming solution that includes five professional grooming tools. The de-shedder brush helps reduce excessive hair shedding and maintains your pet's coat. The grooming brush offers practical and comfortable combing for hair care. With the electric clippers, you can give your pets refined finishing touches for a polished look. The crevice brush effectively removes pet fur from hard-to-reach corners, while the cleaning brush swiftly collects fallen hairs during the grooming session. With its low-noise motor, the vacuum provides a stress-free environment for your pup during grooming sessions.

INSE S9 - Vacuum Up All Pet Hair At Ease

Powered by suction capabilities that reach up to 30KPa, the INSE S9 stick vacuum readily lifts all types of debris and pet hairs. Its performance shines specifically on carpets, courtesy of its uniquely developed roller brush. It adopted an innovative anti-tangle hair V-shaped rubber roller brush to combat the tangled hair issues commonly experienced with standard vacuum cleaners. Furthermore, the cordless vacuum is equipped with smart sensor technology that automatically adjusts suction power according to real-time dirt and debris detection, enhancing cleaning efficiency.

INSE W5 - Get Rid of Dirt and Grime in One Sweep

The INSE W5 expertly addresses challenges posed by pet ownership, such as dog paw prints, spilled water, and food. Equipped with robust suction, it decisively eliminates dirt and grime in a single pass. With the addition of a self-cleaning system, the INSE W5 vacuum mop maintains the brush roll's cleanliness by simply pressing a button - ensuring ongoing performance and hygiene. A large capacity battery supplying up to 35 minutes of continuous cleaning, rendering the INSE W5 wet-dry vacuum a top choice for those seeking an effective and flexible solution for hard floor cleaning.


Exclusive Dog Day Sale

To commemorate International Dog Day and in recognition of the love for our canine companions, INSE is offering exclusive discounts on their specialized vacuum cleaners. By visiting the INSE official website, pet owners can benefit from these limited-time deals, ultimately enhancing the lives of their four-legged family members.

Don't miss out on INSE's innovative cleaning solutions and exclusive offers to create a more pet-friendly home environment. Celebrate International Dog Day by keeping your cherished furkids and your home clean.

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