What are the Benefits of Vacuum Cleaner?


It is a tedious task to keep your home clean. People used to spend hours using the traditional methods to clean their homes, while nowadays people tend to use a much smart and efficient tool to save their time and improve their life quality. And vacuum cleaners have now become a valuable tool for cleaning dirt and dust in every home. Frankly speaking, they are one of the handiest domestic tools ever made.

They purify air quality, provide an effective way for cleaning the floor and decrease the risk of allergy break out. Plus, a clean home not just looks tidy but also helps people stay fulfilled and healthy both psychologically and physically. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of using a vacuum cleaner. Keep reading.


Surprising Advantages of Vacuum Cleaner

Easy to clean

Installation and usage of vacuum cleaners are so easy, and the benefits of vacuuming daily are obvious. For instance, for a corded one, plug it into the electricity socket and move it on the floor; for a cordless one, just make sure you charge the battery enough and then use it anywhere you want to clean; for robot vacuums, all you need to do is to turn on the switch button, then press ON and sit on the couch and see it works or go out for business.

Keep you Safe from Allergies

Allergy victims need to be extra careful and avoid the contact with the daily dust, and not just dust outside. There are some areas in your home that gather a lot of dust and trigger allergies. Dirty carpets, sofa upholstery and even mattresses trap all sorts of respiratory irritants such as pet dander, dust mites as well as daily dust and dirt. When inhaled by people or pets, they can cause annoying runny noses, sneezing and coughs, or even worse.

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Usually, a vacuum cleaner is equipped with HEPA or other types of filter that helps block and remove some kinds of allergens.

To fight against the dreadful allergies, specialists at the Asthma and Allergy Foundation in United States suggest people vacuum their homes one or twice a week, and make sure their vacuum is of good quality and have high efficiency. Such action helps prevent the microscopic particles from getting back into the air, allowing us breathe the air freely.

Pest Control

While vacuum cleaners are widely recognized for their role in enhancing residential cleanliness, an often overlooked feature of these appliances is their impressive contribution to pest control. Their ability to extract small pests and eliminate food crumbs and pest eggs makes them a pivotal, eco-friendly instrument in reducing infestations. Easily reaching hard-to-access corners, vacuum cleaners not only enhance cleanliness but also contribute to healthier living environments by decreasing allergens caused by pests. User-friendly and efficient, vacuum cleaners offer a non-toxic, practical solution for maintaining a pest-free home.

Improve physical health

Research indicates that a vacuum cleaner is a good way to exercise your body. This is because it keeps you focused on the task rather than the dull physical effort you put into it.

Thus, vacuuming your home also demand you to take energy, keep focused, and shed sweat, you would feel better than if you had just gone for a walk or jog for exercise. Just remember that if you do it regularly, it could help you improve your physical health just like other exercises.

Reduce Depression

A cluttered and dirty home is easy to make people feel depressed, and it would stop their steps to do some creation or just live happily. It can take a toll on our mood, sleep, and health. Keeping your home clean will help people stay happy and feel more relaxed.

Like all other things, we would feel a sense of pride and pleasure once we are finished. For cleaning, the good feeling comes from hard work on the clean floor or carpet, and this work releases endorphins that improve our moods.

If you've ever felt released after a satisfying home cleaning session, you are not alone. Studies shows that vacuuming has many positive effects on stress levels. While it may seem to be tiring to clean up an entire house, start with a good vacuum and once you start breathing in the fresh, almost pure air, you may be motivated and gain the energy to keep going.

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Save time and effort

If you purchase a robot vacuum cleaner, it would automatically clean your home without you holding and moving around, even when you are not at home. Thanks to their advanced features that can make them work smartly. And it would be a great pleasure if you come back and embrace a tidy home.


Uncover the Disadvantages of Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuum cleaners can be quite noisy, potentially causing disturbance for household members, pets, and even neighbors, especially in close living quarters. So, pay attention to the noise level of a vacuum if you are concerned.

Cost of Maintenance

Maintaining optimal performance and extending the lifespan of vacuum cleaners necessitates regular cleaning and maintenance. Tasks such as cleaning filters, emptying dust canisters, and inspecting and changing old parts are integral to efficient operation.

Performance Degradation

The performance of vacuum cleaners can decline when the battery has been used for a long time or when the filter is not maintained adequately or becomes excessively dirty.

How to Maximize the Advantages of Vacuum Cleaner?

1. Regular Maintenance

Frequent vacuum cleaner maintenance can enhance its performance and longevity.

2. Optimal Filter Usage

Ensure the filter is clean before each use. A clogged filter can significantly reduce the suction power.

3. Empty Dust Canister

Regularly empty the dust canister or bag. Its overfilling can decrease the vacuum’s suction power.

4. Replace Worn-Out Parts

Inspect and promptly replace worn-out parts like brushes and belts to maintain optimal performance.

5. Periodical Deep-Cleaning

Occasionally, give your vacuum cleaner a deep cleaning. This will keep the internal mechanisms working smoothly.

6. Use Attachments

Use the provided attachments for specific areas like upholstery, stairs, or tight corners to enhance cleaning efficiency.


Q: Can I use the same vacuum cleaner on different types of surfaces?
Yes. Most vacuum cleaners come with various settings and attachments specifically designed to handle a wide range of surfaces effectively, from hard floors to carpets. However, always follow the manufacturer's guidelines to maximize the uses of vacuum cleaner.

Q: How can I troubleshoot the vacuum cleaner when it is not working?
If you purchased INSE cordless vacuums, check this troubleshooting guide to get help or contact us directly.


Last Few Words...

If you still see vacuuming as a tough task, then maybe you could set a time schedule to clean regularly, as we all know people that do not zealously clean are also usually the kind of people who will make excuses like, “bad weather,” "bad mood," "too busy," that keep them from moving their bodies.

Don't wait anymore, create a healthier home for you and your families, transform your space into a more welcome, cleaner, appealing, as well as fresher shelter.