Wondering How to Maintain Your Stick Vacuum?

Vacuuming may be a chore that you don’t tend to do, while vacuum cleaners are one of the most convenient appliances of our modern times. Without them, basic floor-to-ceiling cleaning would be nearly impossible.


There are many types of vacuums nowadays and people choose the one that meet their needs. People used to be fans of a canister vacuum as it is typically light and easy to use with really powerful suction. But they need to drag it behind them, which is fine for open and large places but may be not that easy to clean a cluttered area with lots of barriers. Also one needs to bend a lot to do many actions like picking up, moving, turning on and off, etc.

Then comes stick vacuums. This type of vacuum cleaner is honestly easy to use. Although its suction cannot win canister vacuum by all means, usually you can use just the motor with a specific attachment to clean hard-to-reach spots, a mattress, blinds, ceiling fixtures, or even take it outside to vacuum the car.

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(Be aware that whatever a cordless vacuum is, the run time is limited and can barely extend to be over 30 minutes on Max mode if it has one. For instance, the run time of a Dyson cordless vacuum [High setting] is about 10 minutes according to tests.)


Wondering how to use your stick vacuum right and achieve the best of it?

Here is an useful guide for you.

1. Move Little Stuff Out of the Way

   Move any furniture and object from hardwood floors or carpets so you don’t bump into them. This will also improve efficiency while you vacuum.

2. Keep the Whole Vacuum Fully-Sealed

   It is of great importance to check the whole body to be fully-sealed every time you use it. For instance, have you put the dust box back tightly? Have you connected the stick to the motor tightly?

3. Clean the Part from Time to Time

   Although there is no need to clean the dustbin, filters, and head brush with water after every time you use the vacuum, it is quite significant and advisable to clear all the dust or other particles almost every time and clean the assembly units with water regularly.

(NOTE: The frequency of washing them with water depends on how often you use the vacuum. And make sure they are totally dry before putting them back.)

4. Put the Vacuum at A Safe Place

   Whatever the type of your vacuum is, after using and cleaning the vacuum, please remember to locate it at a safe place. For any electrical appliances, avoid knocking down can largely last their life.

5. Take Your Time to Clean

It is better to slowly move the vacuum cleaner back and forth when you clean. Most of us use the vacuum roughly or harshly just to finish one chore, but if you want to deep clean your whole house, it is suggested to take your time and accompany with your vacuum a bit longer.

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6. Maximize the Use of Attachments

Those attachments come with the vacuums make it easy to vacuum hard-to-reach areas, improving the overall clean and accurately suck up dust, debris and dirt. Make full use of every single tool will help you clean your house with relatively little effort.

7. What If There is Low Suction?

  • Make sure every connection between the components is tight especially the bottom cover of the dust cabin.

2) If you used the vacuum to pick up much debris or particles, the filter would be filled with dust after using a long time, which reduces suction.

Please take off all the filters and wash them and then install them back after completely air dry.

8. What If It is Overheat?

Often, if the vacuum cleaner is blocked, it may cause the motor overheating and no suction, here are 2 steps that might be helpful:

1) Check for blockages in tube, accessories, and inlet connection, remove any string, carpet fibers, or hair that may be wrapped around the head brush.

2) Please take off all the filters and wash them and then install them back after completely air dry.