12 Easy Methods to Get Dog Hair Out of Car

12 easy methods to get dog hair out of car-how to get dog hair out of car

Are you a dog owner who loves taking your furry friend on joyrides or trips in the park? But soon, your may get frustrated the moment you see a substantial amount of fur getting woven into your car's upholstery, mats, and seats.

Say no more, we will guide you through a series of methods to get dog hair out of the car and introduce some verified stuff to boost efficiency. These easy, economical, and user-friendly ways will not only help eradicate stubborn dog hair from your car but also transform your vehicle into a space that looks as good as new, even with those daily, joyous doggie trips.

Table of Contents

➡️ 1. Using a Vacuum Cleaner

➡️ 2. Lint Roller

➡️ 3. Velcro Hair Curler

➡️ 4. Dog Hair-Cleaning Brush

➡️ 5. Wire Brush

➡️ 6. Duct Tape

➡️ 7. Rubber Gloves

➡️ 8. Squeegee

➡️ 9. Balloons

➡️ 10. Fabric Softener

➡️ 11. Wet Cloth

➡️ 12. Pumice Stone

➡️ 5 Tips For Preventing Dog Hair From Getting on Your Car Seat

➡️ How Do I Remove the Dog Hair Smell in My Car?

➡️ How often should I vacuum my car to remove pet hair?

➡️ Do dryer sheets really work?

➡️ Get the Hair Out!


12 Effective Ways to Remove Dog Hair Out of Car

Dog hair can be stubborn, and so are we! Let's dive into these twelve easy yet effective methods to get rid of dog hair from your vehicle:

1. Using a Vacuum Cleaner

A dog hair vacuum can be the best way to remove dog hair from car. Utilize the powerful INSE S9 cordless pet hair vacuum to remove any loose hair. Then, using its attached brush or crevice tool, get between seats, under seats, and across the upholstery to ensure you leave no corner missed. Thanks to its anti-tangle rubber brush roll, pet hair or long human hair won't be tangled tightly to the roller, making it more convenient to clean the dog hair in the car interior. 

best pet hair cordless vacuum inse s9 stick vacuum-how to remove dog pet hair from car

image source: @mydogsdope and @corgi_zero

🐶Points of Caution:

1. Handle with care: Ensure to not knock or drop the cordless vacuum, as this can damage the internal components.
2. No Liquids: Do not attempt to vacuum liquid spills; cordless vacuums are designed to pick up dry debris only.
3. Empty the Dustbin: Empty the dustbin when nearly full to maintain good suction of the vacuum.
4. Clean the Filter: Dog hair is easy to clog the vacuum filter, thus cleaning the filter after using some time is essential. Make sure to wipe the HEPA with a cleaning gadget instead of water.


You can also use it to clean stairs, campervans, furniture, tight corners, or even computer keyboards, making its versatility a key bonus!


2. Lint Roller

When using a lint roller, the sticky surface readily adheres to pet hair, dust, and lint, leaving surfaces clean once it's been rolled over them, incredibly effective for regular maintenance or quick clean-ups. However, due to its shape, some crannies cannot be reached, and it is more suitable for flat surfaces. With its handy size, consider keeping one in your glove compartment for convenience and immediate access when needed.

🐶Points of Caution:
1. No heat area: Avoid using the roller on hot surfaces to prevent melting the adhesive.
2. Watch delicate areas: Exercise caution when cleaning fragile parts of the car interior.
3. Away from electronics: Keep the roller clear of electronic components to avoid residue buildup.
4. Beware of allergens: Manage used sticky paper swiftly and properly, allowing less exposure to allergens.
5. Wash Hands: Washing hands post-use helps prevent the transfer of unwanted substances.

The lint roller also works effectively when cleaning lampshades, drapes, and other fabric-covered household items that attract dust and pet hair!


3. Velcro Hair Curler

It may sound not traditional, but a velcro hair curler could remove dog hair effectively, too. To use it as a dog hair remover, hold the curler by the handle, press the Velcro surface lightly against the fabric surface in your car, and gently roll or drag it over the affected areas. The curler can be particularly useful in curving spaces or narrow areas due to its round shape and compact size.


4. Dog Hair-Cleaning Brush

Among all the techniques and tools to remove dog hair from your car, using a dog hair-cleaning brush takes the crown for effectiveness. Run it over the surface of your car's upholstery. As you move the brush along, it will collect the stray hairs. One distinctive element about dog hair-cleaning brushes is their special ability to pick up even the smallest hair, something not all methods can achieve.


5. Wire Brush

How to get dog hair out of car carpet? Take the wire brush and gently scrub it across the upholstery till you see the hair beginning to loosen. Its stiff bristles can reach into the fibers of the seat or carpet, dislodging hair that other tools might not be able to lift. However, excessive force could risk snagging or damaging the fabric. So keep it a light touch and scrub gently.


6. Duct Tape

One cost-effective method is to tear off a sizable piece of duct tape and carefully wrap it around your hand, ensuring the sticky side faces outward, and pat down the surfaces inside your car systematically. As you press the tape onto the car seats or carpet, the hair will adhere to the sticky tape surface. As the tape's sticky surface collects more hair and loses its adhesiveness, replace it with a fresh piece of tape, and continue the process.

Rubber gloves are known to serve as an effective aid to rid your car of persistent dog hair. Simply need to moisten a pair of rubber gloves lightly with water. Then, don the gloves and run your hands carefully over the seats and all other fabric surfaces within your car. The hair should promptly adhere to the damp rubber surface. Raise the clingy hairs off the material by rubbing your gloved hand in short, deliberate strokes. When the surface of the gloves fills with hair, wash them off under warm running water (the hair should slide off easily) or simply remove the pet hair with your other hand.

how to get dog hair out of car without vacuum-use rubber gloves

8. Squeegee

We often use the squeegee on the windows or glass panels, it can also work wonders for lifting and gathering dog hair found on fabric surfaces. Hold it by the handle and run the rubber blade over the fabric surfaces of your car, starting from the top and working your way down. Additionally, if the squeegee collects too much hair or debris while in use, pause to clean it off, ensuring that its efficiency isn't compromised.


9. Balloons

Perhaps one of the most unconventional yet surprisingly effective methods of dog hair removal is using balloons. Owing to their ability to create static electricity when rubbed over surfaces, balloons can attract dog hair, especially from those challenging hard-to-reach corners. Just inflate a balloon, tie it securely, then rub the balloon over the fabric upholstery, carpet, or any other surface in your car that requires dog hair removal. As you glide it over various surfaces, the static charge will pull the dog hair towards it.


10. Fabric Softener

Fabric softener is not only useful for your laundry but also an efficient solution for removing dog hair. Simply mix fabric softener and water in a spray bottle, gently mist the mixture onto your car seats, and then wipe with a dry cloth. It will also leave fragrance in the car.


11. Wet Cloth

For a simple and easy solution to pet hair invasion, try wiping your car seats with a wet cloth. The moisture helps to collect and capture the dog hair. For optimal results, rinse the cloth frequently and repeat the process until the seats are clean and hair-free.


12. Pumice Stone

Last but not least, a pumice stone can be another reliable tool for dog hair removal. Simply lightly scrape it across your car's upholstery. The dog hair will collect on the stone, which can then be easily cleaned off for a hair-free environment.

It's worth remembering to regularly clean your car's interior to reduce the accumulation of dog hair. Always be gentle to prevent any unnecessary damage to your vehicle's upholstery.


5 Tips For Preventing Dog Hair From Getting on Your Car Seat

However effective our previously discussed methods might be, it's always better to prevent rather than cure. So, here are five efficient ways to halt the onslaught of dog hair on your car seats:

1. Regular Dog Grooming

Use the INSE pet grooming vacuum to groom the dog often and cut dog hair with the attached clipper if needed, often to get rid of loose hairs that may otherwise end up in your vehicle. No worry to leave hair around as the vacuum could suck them in when grooming or trimming. A good idea would be to brush your dog each time before they get into the car.

hack for removing dog hair from car-inse pet grooming vacuum

image source: @the_golden.theo

2. Use a Seat Cover

Seat covers are a great, quick solution. Opt for a dog-friendly, washable cover that will not only keep the hair off your seats but also offer your pets their cozy spot in your car.

3. Use an Anti-Static Spray

Anti-static spray can help to reduce the static electricity that attracts dog hair to your upholstery. Spray a little on your car seats before your journey to keep them hair-free.

4. Use a Car Humidifier

The dry air inside a car can increase static electricity. Using a car humidifier might help because a more humid atmosphere reduces static, helping prevent dog hair from sticking to your seats.

5. Travel Carrier

A travel carrier can come in handy, especially for smaller dogs. It not only provides them a safe place in the car but also contains their hair within the carrier.

travel carrier

If you find that your dog excessively sheds, it is vital to take action on it. With proper planning and these handy tips, we hope you can minimize the struggle of cleaning dog hair from your car seats, and instead, focus on enjoying the journeys with your furry friend.


How Do I Remove the Dog Hair Smell in My Car?

To remove the dog hair smell from your car, start with a thorough vacuuming to eliminate any residual hair. Then, shampoo and clean your car's interior fabric surfaces and mats. Consider using specialized pet odor eliminators or a fabric freshener spray on the seats, carpets, and any other affected areas. Don't forget to clean hard-to-reach spaces like under the seats and in the corners. You can also place baking soda overnight on the fabric surfaces; it's an effective odor absorber. Then, air out your car and consider hanging a car air freshener for a pleasant, lasting scent.

How often should I vacuum my car to remove pet hair?

If you often travel with your pet, vacuuming your car once a week is a good rule of thumb. However, if your pet sheds excessively, you may need to vacuum more frequently, possibly after every trip. You could combine the INSE S6T flexible hose and the crevice tool to clean the car interior regularly.

best dog hair remover for car-inse vacuumm


Do dryer sheets really work?

Yes, dryer sheets can be quite effective in removing pet hair from your car. Meticulously wipe your seats, floor, and other interior surfaces with the soft, textured material of a dryer sheet. It acts as a magnet, attracting the pet hair which adheres right to it. You can swipe away a significant amount of hair and, after shaking off the residuals, reuse the same sheet multiple times.

Get the Hair Out!

Clean pet hair from car may have initially seemed like a tedious task. However, with these easy methods, you can now efficiently and effectively maintain a clean vehicle without the hassle, promoting a fresher and more hygienic driving environment. So, act now, and put these methods to use—Get the Hair Out!