If we don't clean poor regularly...

  • dirty pool Health Hazards-1-inselife.com

    Health Hazards

    Contaminated pool water threatens swimmers' health, especially those with cuts or open wounds.

  • dirty pool Corrosion and Damage-3-inselife.com

    Corrosion & Damage

    Pollutants corrode and damage pool equipment, increasing maintenance costs.

  • dirty pool Algae Growth-4-inselife.com

    Algae Growth

    A neglected pool breeds algae, which turns the water green, makes it slippery and poses a health risk.

inse y10 cordless pool vacuum with dual motors-2-inselife.com

Robust Driving Force

Two powerful drive motors propel the vacuum forward, while its innovative dual-outfall design allows it to filter pool water rapidly.

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inse y10 cordless pool vacuum with long runtime-2-inselife.com

Extended 90min Runtime

With a high-capacity 5200mAh battery, the rechargeable pool vacuum for above ground pools is designed for pools up to 1100 sq. ft, providing an extended 90-minute runtime.

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inse y10 cordless pool vacuum with self parking feature-2-inselife.com

Self-Parking Feature

The pool vacuum's self-parking feature is user-friendly, automatically returning to the pool wall when the battery is low, making it easy to pick up and keep hands dry.

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  • inse y10 cordless pool vacuum easy to use-inselife.com

    Easy from Start to End

    Press once to turn it on, after it finishes its work, hold the floating wristband and drag it out easily.

  • inse y10 cordless pool vacuum planned cleaning route-inselife.com

    Planned Cleaning Path

    This robotic pool cleaner has 2 pivot points, which move at a 10° angle each for a planned cleaning direction of 20°.

  • inse y10 cordless pool vacuum with large filter-3-inselife.com

    Large Storage Volume

    The filter boasts a 2L capacity, making it substantial enough to effectively capture and retain a wide range of dirt and debris.


INSE Y10 Cordless Pool Vacuum Robot For Above Ground Pool / Inground Pool

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☑️Remember to tie the floating retrieval wristband to the machine before putting the vacuum into the pool.

🚫It cannot climb the wall or even a slight slope.

Brief Description

INSE Y10 Robotic Cordless Pool Vacuum is the best affordable robot cleaner for pools. For around $200, you could clean at most 1100 sq. ft in-ground pool or above-ground pool in up to 90 mins with its dual motor. It would self-parking when on low battery and can be cleaned by easily flushing with water.

12-Month Warranty

Rest easy with this product, as it comes with a 30-day worry-free return policy and a 1-year manufacturer's warranty, providing you with complete peace of mind.

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INSE Y10 Cordless Pool Vacuum Robot For Above Ground Pool / Inground Pool
INSE Y10 Cordless Pool Vacuum Robot For Above Ground Pool / Inground Pool
INSE Y10 Cordless Pool Vacuum Robot For Above Ground Pool / Inground Pool
INSE Y10 Cordless Pool Vacuum Robot For Above Ground Pool / Inground Pool
INSE Y10 Cordless Pool Vacuum Robot For Above Ground Pool / Inground Pool
INSE Y10 Cordless Pool Vacuum Robot For Above Ground Pool / Inground Pool
inse y10 cordless pool vacuum- easy to clean after use-inselife.com
INSE Y10 Cordless Pool Vacuum Robot For Above Ground Pool / Inground Pool


👉 Cordless Ease: The INSE Y10 Cordless Pool Vacuum boasts a cord-free design that eliminates any and all cord-related worries. Say goodbye to tangled cords and power short-outs, and hello to effortless, worry-free pool cleaning.

👉 Superb Suction Strength: Equipped with dual-drive motors (40 watts) and a fast speed of 36 ft/11 meters per minute, this automatic pool vacuum can effortlessly clean the bottom of the pool, picking up all debris from sand to small stones and leaves.

👉 Safe and Trusted: The battery-powered pool vacuum features a large-capacity 5200mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning experience. With its ON button, simply place the vacuum in the pool and watch it perform its magic. Rest assured, this pool vacuum only operates underwater, making it a safe and secure choice.

👉 Extensive Cleaning Capabilities: Boasting a large filter volume of 2L, this pool vacuum robotic is capable of cleaning both above-ground and in-ground pools up to 1,100 sq. ft. with ease. With a single charge, the entire pool can be cleaned with remarkable efficiency.

👉 Self-parking Technology: Equipped with self-parking technology, it parks near the pool wall when the battery is low, making it a breeze to retrieve. The rechargeable pool vacuum is also accompanied by a floating rope for easy removal from the pool.

👉 Effortless Clean: After it finishes work, simply rinse the parts with clean water and store the vacuum with ease, ensuring a seamless pool cleaning experience.


Motor: 40 W
Speed: 36 ft/min
Weight: 6.6 lb
Battery: 5200 mAh
Runtime: 90 min (max)
Charging Time: 5-6 h
Water Proof: IPX8
Retrieval Rope: 10.82 ft/3.3 m
Pool Depth: 8.2 ft/2.5 m
Filter Volume: 2L


1 minute to regain your impeccable Pool!

  • 10s - Manual Charge

  • 30s - Power On

  • 90m - Auto Operation

  • 30s - Clean the Parts

Just plug it into the socket. It takes 5-6 hours to charge fully.

Press once on the button to power it on. Then put it into the pool and it starts to work when getting to the bottom of the pool.

Simply sit back and relax as this compact and user-friendly pool cleaner gets your pool ready for fun in just 90 minutes.

After cleaning, easily remove the filter tray and rinse it with a garden hose. Relax. It's Done!

inse y10 cordless pool vacuum - easy to charge-1-inselife.com
inse y10 cordless pool vacuum -power on-inselife.com
inse y10 cordless pool vacuum - auto work-inselife.com
inse y10 cordless pool vacuum - easy to clean-4-inselife.com

What's In the Box

inse y10 cordless robotic pool vacuum with all parts-inselife.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
patricia graham
Love this vacuum!!

I have an above ground pool trying to vacuum the fine particles off the bottom of the vinyl is so time consuming. This vacuum is amazing you just drop it in the pool and let it go it does a great job. I love it. It has cut my time down cleaning, also less algae growth because I get the pool crystal clean. I named him rover. For the (land rover) 😊❤

Does a great job

works fine for my small inground pool. cannot climb a slight slope.

Andrew Lobb
Good Performance

works good when I first receive it and try it out. I charged it and put it in my pool and this little guy went right to work. He was able to clean the entire bottom of my pool within 30 minutes. But it will struggle and even stuck if there is climb even a modest incline. And I expect a shorter charging time(needs 5 hours to fully charge) and a longer runtime over 2 hours to get my big pool all cleaned.

Works great

Cleans pool great but I expect to have shorter charging time.

S. J.
Great for flat pools

This cordless pool vacuum is just what we needed to replace another pool robot that we got second hand. If you have an above ground pool, this is a must have item. We have a 15 foot round above ground pool, so not huge, but its under some messy trees. We use it almost daily in the summer, so rarely put a cover on it. When its really hot out we dont cover it to avoid algae growth. The bottom gets coated in tree debris, dirt and sand from my kids going in and out constantly between the pool, swing set, and sandbox. Our other cordless robot vac was awesome, but it stopped working. We cant wait to use this new one! My husband says it looks and feels like a quality pool vac.
The only issue Ive heard is that if your pool has a deep end and shallow end, these robot vacs have a hard time getting up the incline once theyve entered the low end. This isnt an issue for us since we have our pool on one flat surface. The filter can be hosed off and emptied, so no need to buy any replacement filters. Im anxious for summer to try this out and see how it compares to our old vac. Ill update this accordingly.