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INSE S7P Cordless Stick Vacuum Rechargeable Vac For Hardfloor Carpet

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INSE S7P Cordless Stick Vacuum Rechargeable Vac For Hardfloor Carpet
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INSE S7P Cordless Stick Vacuum Rechargeable Vac For Hardfloor Carpet
INSE S7P Cordless Stick Vacuum Rechargeable Vac For Hardfloor Carpet
INSE S7P Cordless Stick Vacuum Rechargeable Vac For Hardfloor Carpet
INSE S7P Cordless Stick Vacuum Rechargeable Vac For Hardfloor Carpet
INSE S7P Cordless Stick Vacuum Rechargeable Vac For Hardfloor Carpet


  • Provide Deep Clean - INSE S7P Cordless vacuum boasts a high-performance 265W brushless motor for an exceptional 26Kpa suction power. This tool effectively cleans dust, dirt, and pet hair from diverse surfaces, ensuring a spotless home.
  • Uninterrupted Cleaning - With INSE's S7P battery-operated vacuum, enjoy long-lasting cleaning thanks to its 2500mAh\*6 cells battery allowing for up to 45 minutes of use. Sweeping through your home's corners becomes effortless, handling quick tidies or more hefty clean-ups with ease.
  • Meet All Cleaning Needs - It comes equipped with a crevice tool and dusting brush for thorough cleaning. Effortlessly remove dust from delicate surfaces or tight spaces. Be it your car, stairs, or furniture, this cordless car vacuum perfectly caters to any cleaning demand.
  • User-friendly - The S7P's self-standing design and 3.5 lbs lightweight construction make it convenient for storage and easy to maneuver. The built-in LED display lets you monitor the battery life and adjust suction power, ensuring a simplified cleaning process tailored to your needs.


Motor Wattage: 265W
Runtime: Up to 45min
Suction Power: 26Kpa
Weight: 3.5lb

Consistent Strong Power

INSE S7P comes with a 265W brushless motor that delivers consistent and robust power, ensuring a thorough cleaning on both hard floors and carpets, optimally picking up small particles like dirt to larger debris like dog food.

Convenient Cleaning

The motorhead comes along with a comprehensive LED screen that showcases the clog alert, battery indicator, and suction power settings, which provides a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Filter Thoroughly

Big debris is kept in the dustbin, and the remaining dirt and dust are then filtered by a metal mesh filter followed by a HEPA filter, and finally through a built-in air outlet filter in the motorhead. Finally, clean, fresh air is released, securing a wholesome environment.

Fast Charging

The S7P is powered by a 2500mAh\*6 cell battery - offers up to 45 minutes in eco power mode, 30 minutes in medium power mode, and 15 minutes in high power mode. Quick recharge time of 4 hours ensures optimal uptime.

  • Self-Stand

    No worry about placing it in an awkward position while vacuuming, it could self-stand whenever you want to have a break.

  • Clear and Anti-tangled

    S7P's head brush features a front light, illuminating your cleaning path to ensure no spot is missed. The anti-tangle roller diminishes the need to frequently clear entwined hair.

  • No Dirt Flying

    The dust cup can be effortlessly emptied with a single press, decreasing the chances of inhaling dust during disposal. For clumps of hair, the supplied cleaning gadget can be used for easy removal.

  • Reach High Space

    Hold the retract button and extend the S7P to reach high spaces, making it easy to eliminate spiderwebs and remove dirt from elevated crevices.

  • Clean Crannies

    By attaching the crevice tool to the motorhead, you can effectively clean corners and narrow spaces. No hidden dirt or debris is left behind—perfect for tidying up before holidays.

  • Keep Tidy

    With the dusting brush, the S7P could vacuum up dirt while simultaneously brushing surfaces clean. This ensures your curtains, desktops, cars, and sofas remain neat and tidy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
really nice cordless vacuum, perfect for small home hardware floors! :)

One feature that I like the most about the vacuum is it could run without keep pressing on the bottom, which I could clean the floor around without numbing my index fingers ~ but I do have to admit It works wonderfully and done an amazing job on my wooden and ceramic floors. I do recommend this vacuum for small home /condo owners who has majority hardware floors. :)

All around great vacuum and so easy to use

the cleaner bar has a super soft brush on it that cleans my hardwoods but doesn't scratch them. I'm surprised at how much hair it can suck out of the carpet.- good manoeuvrability on the cleaner brush. I can even control it pretty well with my non-dominant arm which is a good test for me.

Excellent vacuum

I am currently using this vacuum as a replacement for a more expensive vacuum that recently went belly up.What I like:- Vacuum can stay stand upright on its own- I use it at the default power level and it more than meets my needs, daily vacuuming cat hair, the battery will last around 30 to 45 minutes at this power level

Nice vacuum for daily maintenance

This vacuum is lightweight and comes with a lot of accessories. The dust cup is easy to empty and clean. The filter snaps right out and there is a brush to clean between the folds. It also comes with an extra filter as well. The vacuum itself is very easy to use and is actually pretty quiet, not sure that my video captures that, but it is pretty low volume when using.

High Voltage
Sleek and Mighty. A Daily Cleaning Companion

The battery life is no joke. Lasts a solid 45 minutes, giving me more than enough time to clean my entire space.Overall, the INSE Cordless Stick Vacuum has become my daily cleaning companion. With its sleek design, powerful suction, and convenient features, it's a reliable tool for keeping my space spotless.