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Are you tired of constantly dealing with the never-ending struggle of pet hair covering every surface, debris embedded deep in your carpets, unreachable floor edges, and unsightly scratches on your beloved hardwood floors?

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INSE S9 Cordless Stick Vacuum 30Kpa For Carpets With Smart Induction and LED Screen

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INSE S9 Cordless Stick Vacuum 30Kpa For Carpets With Smart Induction and LED Screen
INSE S9 cordless vacuum 30Kpa strong
INSE S9 cordless vacuum battery indicator
INSE S9 cordless vacuum two roller
INSE S9 cordless vacuum edge clean
INSE S9 cordless vacuum suitable for various scenarios
INSE S9 cordless vacuum
INSE S9 cordless vacuum with two hepa filters
INSE S9 cordless vacuum
INSE S9 Cordless Stick Vacuum 30Kpa For Carpets With Smart Induction and LED Screen
INSE S9 cordless vacuum


🌿400W Brushless Motor & 30Kpa Powerful Suction: Equipped with a 400W brushless motor, INSE S9 cordless suction vacuum generates strong 30Kpa suction, making it perfect for hardwood floors, low /medium pile carpets, tiles, and marble. It easily picks up dirt, debris, dust, pet hair, cat litter, and pet food.

🌿Smart Induction & Long Battery Life: Enjoy up to 55 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time with four suction modes to choose from: Eco, Mid, Max, and Auto. When in auto, the vacuum's infrared sensor automatically adjusts suction power, based on debris size.

🌿Unique Tri-Color Ring Light: Check the battery level with ease using the blue, purple, and red ring light design. Blue: 75% to 100%, Purple: 40% to 74%, Red: 0% to 39%. (Flashing Red light: <10%.)

🌿Tangle-Free Head Brush & Two Exclusive Roller Brushes: It comes with one improved V-shaped rubber roller brush that prevents hair from getting tangled on the roller, making it perfect for carpets. The other one is a soft roller brush that protects your hard floor from scratches and can even polish it.

🌿LED Display & LED Rotatable Brush Head: The vacuum's LED display shows the battery level, suction mode, and auto mode. It is easy to clean dark corners and under furniture thanks to its LED headlights and rotatable brush head.


Motor Power: 400W
Suction Power: 30Kpa/150AW
Runtime: Up to 55min (13-25-55)
Dustbin Capacity: 0.8L
Charging Time: 4.5H
Main Body Weight: 3.4 pounds


Strong Suction Deep Clean

The rechargeable vacuum, featuring a 400W brushless motor, offers a maximum suction power of 30Kpa on its max power mode. Its powerful suction capability boosts its ability to easily capture pet hair, cat litter, pet food, and other messes on all kinds of hard floors, low pile carpet, stairs, sofas, curtains, RVs, etc., making it an ideal choice for cleaning up any mess. Additionally, its brushless motor design ensures that it maintains powerful suction even under low battery conditions.

LED Display & Ring Lights

Easily monitor the battery level with an innovative ring light design. The unique blue, purple, and red lights indicate battery levels of 75%-100%, 40%-74%, and 0%-39%, respectively. (Note: a flashing red light indicates the battery is less than 10%). It also features an LED display that provides real-time updates on the battery level, suction power mode, and automatic dust detection, allowing you to effortlessly stay on top of your cleaning game.


Smart Induction Suction Mode

INSE S9 cordless stick vacuum offers 4 suction modes: Economic (13Kpa), Standard (22Kpa), Max (30Kpa), and Auto (13Kpa~30Kpa). Auto mode adjusts suction power based on debris size detected by an infrared sensor(13-55min), while Eco and Medium Modes are ideal for daily cleaning on hard floors and Max Mode is perfect for carpets.


55min Long Runtime

This battery-operated vacuum allows for up to 55 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning, thanks to its outstanding removable battery pack. This large-capacity battery can be charged separately, making it easy to recharge while occupying a small room.

Tailored Roller Brushes

One soft roller brush is designed for hard floors, protecting against scratches while also providing a polishing effect during vacuuming. One V rubber brush is tailored for carpets, effectively removing pet hair, debris, dirt, beans, cat litter, cereal, and dog food from low and middle-pile carpets. Its V shape design amasses hair in the middle to prevent tangling and ensures efficient suction.

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  • Complete Sealing Design

    5-layer filtration includes a HEPA filter with Multi-Cone Cyclone Technology, captures 99.99% of dust, and provides an excellent cleaning experience.

  • inse s9 stick cordless vacuum clean hard floors or

    Decimate All Debris

    Two specialized roller brushes could pick up debris like pet hair, debris, dirt, beans, cat litter, cereal, and dog food from hard floors or carpets.

  • Edge Cleaning

    With almost zero gaps between the motorized head brush and edges, our vacuum leaves no debris hidden in hard-to-reach corners and edges.

  • inse s9 stick cordless vacuum with LED lights on forehead of

    Flexible Head Brush

    The head brush features 4 LED lights that illuminate dust and debris in dark areas, also can be rotated and tilted, allowing for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach places.

  • Easy Clean after Use

    One press empty to avoid getting your hands dirty. Suggest cleaning the components with cold water and cleaning the HEPA with the incident cleaning gadget.

  • Easy Charging&Storage

    Charged either alone or while attached, leaned on the wall with the help of the cordless vacuum wall mount, making it super manageable after use.

What's In the Box

1. Battery;

2. Long Crevice

3. 2-in-1 Brush;

4. Retractable Metal Tube

5. Power Adapter;

6. Wall Bracket with Screws

7. Main Motor (Motor & Dust Cup)

8. Motorized Cleaner Brush;

9. Soft Roller Brush;

10. V rubber Brush

11. User Guide;

12. User Manual

13. Cleaning gadget;

14. 1 Extra HEPA

S9 Parts & Accessories

Customer Reviews

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Derrick Paris

This thing is awesome!!! Better than I anticipated!!!

Nichole Swearengin

This is my new favorite!!! I use it everyday!

Ora Curry

Just as described and works great

Maira Villa

Absolutely love!! And so do my children. I am able to adjust it to my childrens height for them to use when cleaning their room. Should have bought this sooner.


I'm so happy with my purchase, so happy... Works wonderful!!!!