INSE V120 Cordless Vacuum review

REVIEW – While I love carpet, my wife loves hardwood floors, and once we purchased our home, my wife won the battle of having hardwood floors for just about everywhere in the house except for the bedrooms. She is always cleaning and looking for ways to easily get rid of debris on the floors, especially with two young kids running around. Let’s see if this INSE V120 Cordless Vacuum is a good solution!


What is it?

The INSE V120 Cordless Vacuum is designed for use on hard floors and boasts a 30Kpa Powerful Suction with a 150AW brushless motor. It comes with a 7*2500mAh large-capacity detachable & rechargeable battery pack that provides up to 60 minutes of use and only requires 3.5 hours to be fully recharged. There is a smart LCD display that lets you monitor vacuum performance in real-time, including battery level, three suction modes, dustbin full reminder, and roller tangled alert.

What’s in the box?


  • 1 x INSE V120 Cordless Vacuum
  • 1 x AC Adapter
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x User Manual

Hardware specs

  • Motor: 150AW
  • Battery: 2500mAh
  • Suction Power: 30Kpa
  • Lightweight Body: 3lbs
  • Dustbin Capacity: 1L
  • Charging Time: 4-5h

Design and features


The INSE V120 Cordless Vacuum is made mostly of plastic. It features a removable battery and dust container. The center extension can also be removed to shorten the device. On the main body, there is a LED screen that shows charging and status info and a button to select the power level. The power on/off button allows you to turn it on with one press and not have to hold it in place.



This INSE V120 Cordless Vacuum is easy to assemble by simply connecting the main body, tube, and floor brush together. Then you attach the battery, plug in the power cord to the charging port and an AC outlet, and you are good to go once it charges. The included vacuum holder/mount has to be mounted in a position where the vacuum touches the floor. It cannot be mounted off of the ground like a Dyson with the same body style.


Overall, the vacuum works well in terms of maneuverability, and battery life. IMHO, the suction power has room for improvement. Maybe I am too used to a Dyson. Here is the vacuum in action:



What I like

  • Stylish design
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Flexible enough to maneuver around and under furniture
  • Decent battery life
  • The LED light on the floor brush provides good visibility

What I’d change

  • Not nearly as much suction as suggested

Final thoughts

The INSE V120 Cordless Vacuum is a night lightweight vacuum that is adjustable both in power and size. The vacuum head has a good range of motion for you to be able to easily maneuver around furniture. The battery life is good but the suction is not as good as I expected. Nevertheless, it does a decent job picking up dust.



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