Cleaning Appliance Innovator INSE Achieves Record-Breaking H1 Performance with 200% YoY Growth in Sales

SEATTLE, July 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- INSE, a home-cleaning solution expert behind some of the most popular cordless vacuum cleaners on Amazon, is proud to announce that the company recorded a remarkable sales performance in the first half of 2023, pushing its H1 closing figure to an unprecedented height with a whopping 200% year-on-year growth. The new milestone offers another testament to the INSE's commitment to innovation-focused and customer-centric philosophy for product design which has allowed the company to amass a strong following worldwide since the brand was launched in 2019.

 "Beyond 2023, INSE has witnessed rapid and consistent growth over the past three years, a result of our unremitting pursuit of developing high-quality and feature-rich products. Our customer-centric business strategy means making products that not only meet but exceed users' expectations and prioritizing functionality upgrades over marketing hype, allowing our customers to enjoy premium vacuum cleaners without premium costs. With our customer-first principle, we anticipate our next accomplishment as we continue to strengthen connections with global customers by addressing their needs," said Harry Li, CEO of INSE.


INSE saw significant growth on Amazon in five months to June 2023, with sales volume surging by over 200% compared to the last year. The sales revenue also clocked increments at about 2 times for the same period. Meanwhile, INSE also achieved a 2.1-fold increase in total sales volume and a 2.2-fold rise in total sales revenue from January to May, both of which smashed its previous records.


Starting with a humble beginning yet an ambitious goal to revolutionize home-cleaning chores, INSE now has been named one of the highest-selling brands in Amazon's household cleaning category, topping North America's chart as the most popular store on the online marketplace for three consecutive years. Over one million units were sold in the first year, with N5, a powerful handheld cleaner featuring an extra-large dustbin, and N6, and 6-in-1 cordless vacuum equipped with a lightweight design and upgraded motor, being among the best-sellers of the brand.


INSE's quick rise to its success is down to its relentless focus on one simple question – how to elevate user experience while offering unbeatable prices. Aiming to address customers' pain points directly, INSE draws inspiration from user feedback and becomes one of the first vacuum manufacturers to introduce cleaners that come with an extendable pole. INSE has also helped trim down product prices for customers by developing a more compact package solution that reduces delivery costs. To maximize convenience, INSE packs its cleaners with innovative features and tools to expand their versatility and deliver effortless deep-cleaning for every corner of a home, even hard-to-reach corners.


To simplify users' cleaning regime, INSE has also embarked on a series of R&D endeavors that target issues such as vacuum storage and pet hair removal. Last year, INSE developed its first universal stand for vacuum cleaners which addresses the cons and includes the pros of its predecessors in the market to help users save space. For households who are seeking simple tools to keep surfaces free of pet hair, INSE engineered a vacuum head featuring a brush roller that prevents tangles and clogs, paired with a larger vacuum dustbin that frees users from the frequent chores of bin emptying and cleaning.


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