Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas of 2023 She'll Actually Love


Mother's Day is a special occasion dedicated to celebrating and honoring the incredible women who have nurtured, loved, and supported us throughout our lives. While traditional gifts such as flowers, chocolates, and jewelry are always appreciated, it's essential to think outside the box and find a present that truly speaks to her needs and desires. One such unconventional yet thoughtful and practical gift idea revolves around cleaning. In this blog, we'll explore the best Mother's Day gift ideas of 2023 that focus on cleaning and are sure to leave a lasting impression on the special woman in your life.


Top Cleaning Gadgets and Tools

I.  High-tech vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners have come a long way in recent years, with advanced features such as smart navigation, app-based controls, and specialized cleaning modes. These handy gadgets can save your mom precious time and energy by autonomously cleaning the floors and carpets, all at the touch of a button. Some top models to consider include the iRobot Roomba and the Roborock S7.

Cordless vacuum cleaners

Cordless vacuum cleaners offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility in cleaning every nook and cranny of the house. With powerful suction and long-lasting battery life, these devices are perfect for busy moms who need a quick and efficient cleaning solution. Popular options include the Dyson V15 Detect and the Shark ION F80. For a budget-friendly option, the INSE S6P Pro cordless vacuum with two large-capacity batteries, powerful suction, excellent maneuverability, and versatile accessories is a great choice. This limited-time Mother's Day sale offer is available for under $190. (May 3rd-May 10th)

inse s6p pro cordless vacuum with multiple

II.  Steam cleaners and mops

Steam cleaners and mops use the power of steam to sanitize surfaces, eliminating germs, bacteria, and stubborn dirt without the need for harsh chemicals. These tools are perfect for moms who prioritize a clean and healthy home environment. Look for models like the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop and the McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner.


III.  Eco-friendly cleaning products and kits

For environmentally-conscious mothers, eco-friendly cleaning products and kits make for an excellent gift. These products use natural ingredients and are designed to minimize their impact on the environment. Brands like Blueland, Grove Collaborative, and Method offer a wide range of green cleaning solutions, from all-purpose cleaners to laundry detergents.


IV.  Advanced air purifiers

Air purifiers can significantly improve the air quality in a home by removing allergens, dust, and pollutants. Gifting your mom an advanced air purifier will ensure she breathes clean and healthy air, promoting overall well-being. Top-of-the-line models to consider include the Coway Airmega 400S and the Blueair HealthProtect 7470i.


Cleaning Services and Subscriptions

Many mothers place great importance on maintaining a clean and organized home. However, finding the time and energy to do so can be challenging. This is where cleaning services and subscriptions come into play, offering various options to accommodate different needs and preferences.

I. One-time professional cleaning service

A one-time professional cleaning service is an excellent gift idea for mothers who need a break from their daily cleaning routines. This type of service is perfect for occasions like Mother's Day when a mother needs a deep cleaning of her living space. One-time professional cleaning services usually include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sanitizing all areas of the home, ensuring a spotless and refreshed space that a mother can enjoy without the stress of doing it herself.

cleaning service for mother's day gift idea-mother's day image

II.  Regular cleaning service subscriptions

For busy mothers who need ongoing help in maintaining a consistently clean home, a regular cleaning service subscription is the perfect solution. These subscriptions offer scheduled cleanings, such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on the mother's preferences. Regular cleaning service subscriptions ensure that a mother's living space is always tidy, providing her with more time to focus on other priorities like her family, work, or hobbies. Services typically include routine tasks like dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sanitizing, as well as additional services like changing bed linens and taking out the trash.


III.  Specialized cleaning services (e.g., carpet or window cleaning)

Specialized cleaning services focus on specific areas of a mother's home or property that require extra attention. Examples of these services include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and power washing exteriors. These professionals utilize advanced equipment and techniques to deep clean and restore these areas, providing a noticeable difference in appearance and cleanliness. Scheduling specialized cleaning services periodically can prolong the life of a mother's carpets, windows, and other surfaces while maintaining a pristine and well-maintained appearance that she can be proud of.


IV.  Laundry and dry-cleaning subscriptions

Another essential aspect of a mother's daily routine is keeping her family's clothes and linens clean and fresh. Laundry and dry-cleaning subscriptions offer a convenient solution to this time-consuming task. These services pick up the family's dirty laundry, professionally wash, dry, fold (or press) them, and deliver them back to the mother's doorstep. Some subscriptions also offer additional services like alterations, repairs, and stain treatments. With a laundry and dry-cleaning subscription, a mother can enjoy fresh, crisp clothes and linens without spending hours on this tedious chore, allowing her to spend more quality time with her family.


DIY Cleaning Gift Baskets

A thoughtful and practical gift for mothers who love maintaining a clean and organized home is a DIY cleaning gift basket. These baskets can be customized to suit a mother's preferences and needs, making them a truly unique and personal gift.

I.  Customized baskets with essential cleaning supplies

Create a customized cleaning gift basket with essential cleaning supplies that every mother needs for maintaining a spotless home. This type of basket can include items such as microfiber cloths, multi-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, disinfectant wipes, rubber gloves, scrub brushes, and sponges. To make the gift even more special, consider including high-quality or eco-friendly cleaning products that a mother may not typically splurge on for herself.


II.  Theme-based cleaning baskets (e.g., kitchen, bathroom, or eco-friendly)

For a more focused and thoughtful gift, consider creating a theme-based cleaning gift basket. Some popular themes include:

Kitchen cleaning basket

Fill this basket with items like dish soap, dishwasher detergent, oven cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, and scrubbing sponges. You can also include reusable dish towels, silicone dish scrubbers, and a stylish dish drying mat.

Bathroom cleaning basket

This basket can contain bathroom-specific items such as toilet bowl cleaner, tub and tile cleaner, grout brush, and a shower squeegee. Don't forget to add some luxurious hand soap and plush hand towels for an extra touch of pampering.

cleaning gift basket for bathing-image of mother's

Eco-friendly cleaning basket

For environmentally-conscious mothers, create a basket filled with green cleaning products like all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, and laundry detergent made from natural ingredients. Add reusable cleaning cloths, biodegradable scrubbing sponges, and a set of reusable silicone food storage bags.


III.  Personal touches and additions (e.g., personalized labels or scented candles)

To make a DIY cleaning gift basket truly unique, consider adding personal touches and additional items that reflect the mother's personality and preferences. Some ideas include:

Personalized labels

Create custom labels for each cleaning product in the basket, featuring the mother's name or initials. This adds a thoughtful and personalized touch that will make her feel extra special.

Scented candles or essential oils

Include a few scented candles or essential oils in the basket to create a relaxing atmosphere after a day of cleaning. Choose scents that the mother enjoys, or opt for calming scents like lavender, eucalyptus, or vanilla.

A handwritten note or card

Include a heartfelt handwritten note or card in the basket, expressing your appreciation for everything the mother does to keep her home clean and comfortable. This personal touch will make the gift even more meaningful and memorable.

cleaning gift basket with handwritten card on mother's


Time-saving Cleaning Hacks and Resources

Helping a mother save time and energy on cleaning tasks is a priceless gift. Presenting her with resources and hacks that can make her cleaning routine more efficient can be just as valuable as physical gifts.

I.  Gift a book or online course on efficient cleaning techniques

A great way to help a mother streamline her cleaning routine is by gifting her a book or online course that covers efficient cleaning techniques. These resources provide valuable information, tips, and tricks that can help her tackle cleaning tasks more effectively and save time. Look for books or courses that focus on specific areas of interest, such as green cleaning, minimalism, or time-saving household hacks. Some popular titles include "Speed Cleaning" by Jeff Campbell, "The One-Minute Cleaner" by Donna Smallin, and "Clean My Space" by Melissa Maker. If the book or online course doesn't suit her, Melissa's Clean My Space YouTube Channel is an excellent alternative.


II.  Introduce her to helpful cleaning apps and websites

In today's digital age, there are numerous cleaning apps and websites that can help a mother stay organized and on track with her cleaning tasks. Introduce her to apps like Tody, Clean My House, or Home Routines, which provide customizable cleaning schedules, task reminders, and progress tracking. Websites like FlyLady, Unclutterer, and A Slob Comes Clean offer valuable cleaning tips, decluttering advice, and organizational strategies that can help her maintain a clean and organized home without feeling overwhelmed.


III.  Share a list of tried-and-tested cleaning hacks

Sometimes, the best gift is sharing knowledge and personal experiences. Compile a list of your favorite tried-and-tested cleaning hacks that can help a mother save time and effort. Some ideas include:

Using a lint roller to quickly clean lampshades, upholstery, and other fabric surfaces.

Placing a bowl of vinegar in a room to absorb unwanted odors.

Sprinkling baking soda on carpets before vacuuming to freshen and deodorize.

Cleaning the microwave by heating a bowl of water and lemon juice, then wiping away loosened grime.

Using a pillowcase to dust ceiling fan blades, containing dust and debris within the case.

Present the list in a creative format, like a handwritten note, a printed booklet, or even a customized video tutorial. This personal touch will show that you genuinely care about making her cleaning routine easier and more efficient.


The Ultimate Gift: A Day Off from Cleaning

One of the most thoughtful and appreciated gifts you can give a mother is a day off from cleaning. Allowing her to relax and enjoy her time while knowing that her home is being taken care of can be an invaluable gift. In this section, we will discuss three ways to provide a mother with a well-deserved break from her cleaning responsibilities, including surprising her by taking care of all the cleaning tasks for the day, coordinating a family cleaning day where everyone pitches in, and gifting her a relaxing spa day with her girlfriends while the house is being cleaned.

mother and her girlfriend go to spa to relax on mother's

I.  Surprise her by taking care of all the cleaning tasks for the day

One way to give a mother a day off from cleaning is to surprise her by taking care of all the cleaning tasks for the day. This gesture allows her to enjoy her time without worrying about housework. Plan ahead and make a list of all the chores she typically handles, then tackle them one by one while she is out of the house or enjoying a leisurely activity. When she returns home to a sparkling clean space, she will be truly touched by the thought and effort you put into giving her a well-deserved break. Here’s a quick cleaning checklist to make sure each room is sparkling clean.


Begin by decluttering the counters and ensuring the sink and dishwasher are empty. Clean small counter appliances and their exteriors.

Dedicate extra time to cleaning the stove/oven and finish by cleaning the floors.

For bonus points, clean and reorganize the fridge.


Dust and clean the mirrors, then clear countertops before cleaning and reorganizing any items that stay on them.

Use an antibacterial surface cleaner for sinks and toilets and change out hand towels.

Family room/Dining room

Declutter and dust the main traffic areas, then deep clean the floors with appropriate cleaners.

For extra thorough cleaning, focus on walls, baseboards, and windows

Clean smarter by focusing on tasks rather than zones.

General tips

Clean from top to bottom and side to side to avoid missing spots and getting cleaned areas dirty again.

Let antibacterial cleaners sit for at least 10 minutes for maximum effectiveness.


II.  Coordinate a family cleaning day where everyone pitches in

Another way to provide a mother with a day off from cleaning is by coordinating a family cleaning day where everyone in the household pitches in. This approach not only gives the mother a break but also helps teach children the importance of contributing to household chores and working together as a team. Make a list of tasks that need to be done, then assign each family member specific chores based on their abilities and preferences. Play some upbeat music and make the cleaning process fun and enjoyable for everyone. At the end of the day, the mother will appreciate the collective effort and the clean, organized home.


III.  Gift her a relaxing spa day while the house is being cleaned

If you want to treat a mother to a day of relaxation and pampering while her home is being cleaned, consider gifting her a spa day. Arrange for professional cleaning services to take care of her home while she indulges in massages, facials, and other rejuvenating treatments at a local spa. When she returns to a clean and refreshed living space, she will feel truly rejuvenated and appreciative of the thoughtful gift.



Thoughtful cleaning gifts for mothers make a significant impact, enhancing their well-being and showing appreciation to them. Let these Mother's Day gift ideas inspire you to cherish and celebrate the remarkable role of mothers in our lives.