Can You Use a Human Grooming Kit on a Dog?

can you use a human clipper on a dog
We all know that dogs are humans' best friends. Dogs are loyal, playful, and protective of their owners. When it comes to dog grooming at home, we have to be sure that we're giving our furry friends the best care possible. It may seem like a sensible idea to save money and groom your pup at home using your hair clippers, but it's NOT recommended to use human clippers on a dog. Although they look similar, they're designed very differently, and using them could lead you to accidentally cause your dog more harm than good.

What are the differences between human hair and dog fur?

Human hair is made of protein and keratin, while dog fur is made of keratin. The two are very similar in appearance. However, there are some differences between human hair and dog fur that you should know before using a human clipper on your dog.
The main difference between human hair and dog fur is that dogs' coats are much thicker and longer than ours. The function of a dog's coat is to protect them from the elements, so they need thicker hair with more layers. Dogs also shed more frequently than humans. In addition to these differences, the type of hair care products you use on your dog may differ from those you use on yourself. The most important thing to remember is that a dog's skin is much more sensitive than a human's, so it's essential to be aware of the differences between human hair clippers and dog grooming clippers.

What are the differences between dog hair clippers and human clippers? 

There are some differences between human and dog grooming kits, especially when it comes to the clippers.
Blade-The main difference between human and dog grooming kits is the size of the blades. The blades on a human grooming kit are much smaller than those on a dog's grooming clipper, so you'll need to use more passes with your human grooming kit if you're trying to trim your dog's fur down evenly.
Design-Dog grooming clippers are specifically made for dogs with thick or curly fur, so they don't have any extra features that human clippers have, such as adjustable speeds or blades that can be removed for cleaning. Dog clippers are usually small and lightweight, which makes them easy to use.
Sound- Another reason you shouldn't use human clippers on your dog is that they can be too loud for his sensitive hearing. Dogs have more sensitive hearing compared to humans — they can hear things as low as 20 Hz while humans only reach down to around 20 kHz — so using loud clippers around them can be painful or even damaging over time if used repeatedly.

What are the risks of using human clippers on dogs?

Using human clippers on your dog could lead to harm to your dog.
Overheat - Remember that you will not overheat your dog's coat by running the clippers too long or too close to the skin. If you use human clippers, there's a risk that you'll burn your dog's skin or cause him to have an allergic reaction due to the human clipper's smaller blade size and longer runtime.
Injury-Dogs tend to have much thicker coats than humans, which can make it difficult for you to get a good shave or trim with a set of clippers designed for use on humans. So that your dog might get startled and snap at you while you're grooming him with a non-pet-designed clipper, which could result in an injury — possibly serious — so take extra precautions when handling him during grooming sessions.

Your dog needs special dog grooming kits.

To effectively groom your dog, it's necessary to have the right tools for the job. INSE P20 pro dog grooming kit comes with all the necessary tools to properly groom your dog's coat, from grooming brush and de-shedding brush to clippers and cleaning brushes.
With five professional grooming tools, INSE P20 pro dog grooming tools combine grooming and vacuuming in one machine, helping get rid of messy hair and offering your dog an enjoyable home grooming experience. Having the right grooming tools will not only ensure that your dog looks their best, but it will also make the grooming process more comfortable. INSE P20 Pro specialized dog grooming tools are designed to be gentle on your dog's skin and coat while also being effective in removing loose hair and dirt.
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How to choose the right grooming kits for your dog?

There are many different types of grooming kits on the market today. If you have a dog at home, you might be looking for the best dog grooming kit to keep your dog well-groomed and healthy.
A good dog grooming kit should include all the necessary tools and accessories for grooming your pet. You can choose from a wide range of products with different prices and designs. The following are some of the things you need to consider when buying a grooming kit for your pet:
Price - The price of a grooming kit can vary depending on the type of product and how many items it includes. Some kits may be more expensive than others because they contain more items or better quality products. However, if you want something affordable but still functional, many options are available and don't cost too much.
Quality - You must get quality grooming tools to ensure that they can last longer and provide great results every time you use them on your dog's coat or fur. The materials used in making these products also contribute to how long they will last before completely breaking down or wearing out.
Ease of use - If you have never used any grooming tools before, it might be a problem to use dog hair clippers safely and securely for the first time. Choosing a beginner-friendly grooming kit with guard combs is a good helper for you to quickly learn how to groom your dog at home rather than cost much to see a groomer.