Banish Pet Hair From Your Home Forever With These 6 Practical Tips | INSE Vacuums

If you're like most pet parents, you've probably grown accustomed to the never-ending battle against pet hair. It seems no matter how often you vacuum, there's always a new layer of fur covering your furniture and floors.

In this blog, we explore 6 practical ways to clean AND prevent (yes preventing hair from getting everywhere is equally important as cleaning it!).


Prevention hack 1 / 3: Groom your pet regularly to reduce the amount of hair they shed

Taking a few minutes each week to care for your pet's coat will reduce the amount of hair they shed throughout your home. Most common dogs and cats that shed, like Labradors, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Maine Coons, require consistent brushing and grooming on a regular basis to keep their fur from falling out all over your furniture and floors. Depending on the type of pet you have, there are also specific grooming products you can use to help reduce shedding for healthier looking skin and coat. Investing in quality brushes and combs will help ensure you are giving your pet the best possible groom. Show them some extra love and enjoy a hair-free home! You can check out INSE's pet grooming set here.

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Prevention hack 2 / 3: Keep your pet off the furniture to prevent their hair from transferring

Taking the proper precautions is important to keep your furniture, and other household items, clean and looking nice. A simple way to do this is to train your pet not to jump or lay on the furniture. This will help reduce any shedding or transferring of fur onto the furniture and fabrics. Additionally, consistently grooming your pet regularly can not only lower the amount of hair left behind inside the home but improve their overall health as well. With manageable effort from both you and your furry friend, it's possible to create a happy environment for all involved.


Prevention hack 3 / 3: Place mats at all entrances to your home to trap pet hair before it gets inside

Setting out place mats at all entrances to your home is a great way to prevent pet hair from getting inside. This is especially beneficial if you have carpeted areas, as it's much easier to clean the mats than it is to hoover and brush away all that loose fur. Not only does this keep your home free of animal hair, but it also shows that you care about your pet's comfort; they will be far more welcome if they can enter without having dust, dirt and other unpleasant things attached to their furry coats! Plus, adding some decorative place mats can really liven up any entrance hall or porch area.


Cleaning hack 1 / 3 : Invest in a good vacuum cleaner with strong suction power

Investing in a good quality vacuum cleaner with strong suction power will save you time and effort when it comes to keeping your home clean. A vacuum with a powerful suction reduces hair tangling, which is especially important if you have pets. Vacuum cleaners today are more efficient than ever and come with features like additional accessories that make cleaning carpets and upholstery easier. Strong suction power is essential for effective removal of hair and dirt from your floors, so choosing the correct model can save you considerable effort over the life span of the machine.

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Cleaning hack 2 / 3: Use a lint roller on upholstered furniture and clothing to remove pet hair

Baking soda has proven highly effective for removing pet hair, and if you don't already have some on hand you can pick up a box relatively inexpensively at your local grocery store. Simply apply the baking soda liberally to the area with pet hair and then allow to sit for a few minutes before vacuuming. This method is far more efficient than relying solely on ridding yourself of pet hair through manual tactics such as using tape or a lint roller. It can save valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere in your home.


Cleaning hack 3 / 3: Wash bedding and blankets frequently to keep them free of pet hair

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Taking care of your bedding and blankets should always be a priority, especially if you have pets in the house. Pet hair can be tricky to get rid of, but with a little extra effort and regular washing, you can keep them free of pet hair. Start by shaking off the sheets to remove excess fur as much as possible. Then, add half a cup of soda when washing the bedding to help lift stubborn pet hair. Be sure to also wash all other blankets in hot water using the soda method for optimal results. Following this simple strategy will ensure that your fabrics remain neat and free from pet hair at all times.