INSE Robot Vacuum E6

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  • 2000Pa powerful suction- Enable to pick up everything from small particles to large debris from carpets and hard floors

  • Beater Bar&Brushless Motor- Gather long hairs and crumbs more efficiently; offers strong suction and reduces noise effectively. Suitable for low-to medium-pile carpets, tile, laminate, hardwood floor, etc.
  • 120min Max runtime- enable to clean your lovely house in one charge. Automatically return to charging base to recharge when in low battery
  • Cleans in nice neat rows, gets into low clearance easily to clean and sweep away hidden dirt, get ready to clean at the exact time of the schedule you set

  • Easy Operation- Quickly set a schedule for everyday cleaning, or just press the start button whenever you want it to clean

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- Usually, it takes 3-7 workdays to arrive. But if some products are out of stock, it would take 5-10 workdays to arrive.

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Usually, 1 year and lifetime customer support.

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Four Cleaning Modes

Automatically adjusts its direction when runs into an obstacle. Also cleans in neat rows when the area is big enough such as the space between two walls without obstacles. You could use the remote control to let it clean a specific dirty area by running in a circle, or let it clean along the wall.

Cleans Floors to Carpets

Improved cleaning performance on low-med pile carpets compared to other robot vacuums without beater bar; also perfect for cleaning on hard floors include hardwood, tile, linoleum.

Cleans Room to Room

Its two large wheels can roll over carpets between hard floors, also climb over door threshold* without effort. The special rubber foam of the wheels prevents the floor from scratching and making noise.

Never Fall from Stairs

Multiple cliff sensors identify stairs and ledges* to prevent robot vacuum falling downstairs.

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

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Always Ready to Clean

Automatically return to the charging dock when battery is lower than 20%*.

Triple-Filter System

Three layers of filtration effectively capture 99% of all allergens, pollen, and particles as small as 6 microns, which makes for easier cleaning and less maintenance. Filters are available on INSE official website.

Extra Large Dustbox

A larger dustbin ensures INSE E6 is able to clean larger homes, holds more dirt and dust to take full advantage of 90 minutes cleaning time, reduce the frequency of emptying.

Perfect for Pet Owners

Dual spinning side-brushes grab debris include small dust to large particles from edges and corners; the roller bar beneath loosens, lifts and picks up all types of hair. The enclosed cleaning brush with blade and hook helps cut off and remove the hair wrapped around the roller.