How to become a VIP Member?

  • If you have purchased vacuum cleaners from INSE on Amazon, Ebay, or on Official site (, you can sign up an account here on and complete your personal profile. 
  • If you haven't ordered any vacuum cleaners from INSE, you can also sign up and join our VIP club, but the priviledge wil be activated after you place orders of INSE stick vacuums.

VIP Member Privileges

Birthday Gift

1. VIP members will receive a 20% discount code only 1 time per year by email (based on your birth date information registered for the first time).

2. The code is valid for 60 days and can be transferred to your families, friends or anyone who needs new vacuum cleaners, but can not be used with other discounts.

Extended Warranty

VIP members obtain a longer free repair than normal customers. INSE will extend the warranty time for VIP members from 12-Month Warranty to 24-Month warranty. 

Extra Discounts

After the registration of INSE VIP CLUB, you will receive an email sent by attached extra coupons for your next orders. VIP members can choose from Amonzon coupons, Ebay coupons or Official Site coupons. (Coupons can only be used for purchasing INSE braned vacuum cleaners and their accessories.)

35-Day Unconditional Return

Any product purchased at INSE can be returned for any reason within 35 days for VIP Members (Returned product does not affect the re-sale).

1 v 1 Customer Support

INSE provides 1 v 1 priority Customer Service for VIP members to resolve any issues about INSE branded vacuum cleaners.

Shopping Holiday Special Offer

On shopping holidays, INSE will provide special giveaways or discount code for lucky VIP members. (Shopping Holiday including: Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Women's Day, Mother's Day, Children's day, Father's day etc.)