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INSE S6 Cordless Vacuum | 23Kpa Strong Suction | Deal with Pet Fur | Bed Brush

🏷️Its 23 Kpa strong suction helps build a vacuum for allergies, largely keeping the dust and small particles out of your home.

🏷️Equipped with two specific roller brushes, this stick vacuum could tackle all types of hard floors, low/medium pile carpets.

🏷️With an exclusive bed brush, the S6 vacuum cleaner can easily remove the bed bugs, dust, and hair on the bed.

🏷️In the standard power setting, it could run at most 40 mins to do a thorough clean in your house or apartment.

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INSE E6 Robot Vacuum | Automatic Operation | Self Charging | Four Cleaning Modes

🏷️The robot vacuum is perfect for a home that has children and pets, deal with pet hair by tapping and rolling up from the carpet fiber.

🏷️Easy operation and easy cleaning after use, make it more friendly for people who have little time for cleaning chores.

🏷️Set the cleaning modes as needed to specifically clean the area to a more focused extent.

🏷️Self-charging design helps the vacuum find the charging base without effort, it can finish all the cleaning procedures by itself.

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INSE S600 Cordless Vacuum| 23Kpa Suction | Deal with Pet hair | For Hardwood floor & Carpets

🏷️This stick vacuum is perfect for hardwood floors, and could also clean out the debris on the low/medium pile carpets.

🏷️23Kpa Strong Suction makes it a suction vacuum, easing the burden of daily cleaning chores.

🏷️A 6-stage cyclone filtration system enables the INSE S600 cordless sweeper to better separate the dust and air, release fresh air while remaining the dust.

🏷️1.2L Super Large Dustbin-this bagless vacuum could have more space to keep the waste inside the dustbin and avoid frequent emptying.

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INSE N6 Cordless vacuum | Daily Cleaning | Lightweight | HEPA Filter

🏷️It has a stiff roller brush and a soft roller brush, which could better clean different floorings and low/medium pile carpets.

🏷️HEPA standard filter- N6 bagless vacuum can remove at least 99.97% of allergens which largely help to alleviate some of your allergy symptoms.

🏷️This super lightweight vacuum only weighs 2.59lb, amicable for those who have aching wrists.

🏷️Come with several accessories, the electric broom could handle various daily scenarios such as kitchen, corners, ceilings, etc.

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INSE N5 Cordless Vacuum | Daily Cleaning | Maximum 45min Runtime | 1.2L Dustbin

🏷️INSE N5 cordless vacuum cleaner could help clean out the debris on the muti types of hard floor and low/medium pile carpets.

🏷️2200 mAh capacity of battery improves the performance of the vacuum sweeper and provides a maximum 45min runtime.

🏷️This 6-in-1 Multi-function cordless stick vacuum could satisfy all household cleaning needs.

🏷️Equipped with a 1.2L dustbin, this corded stick vacuum could maintain much debris and avoid constantly emptying.

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INSE V70 Cordless Vacuum | High-Efficiency Filtration | For Hardwood & low/medium pile Carpets

🏷️A 5-stage cyclone filtration system enables the V70 cyclone vacuum filter and block 99.97% of debris inside the dustbin with high efficiency.

🏷️This cordless dustbuster has 12Kpa suction, handles various types of hard floors and carpets, operates as a vacuum for hardwood and carpet.

🏷️130W motor and 2200mAh battery capacity build a daily vacuum together to meet the basic cleaning needs, with no debris left after vacuuming.

🏷️6-in-1 multifunction cordless stick vacuum with two extra cleaning tools, let you clean the space wherever you like.

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INSE I5 Corded Vacuum | 18Kpa Suction | Pet Hair Friendly | No More Charging

🏷️Suitable for hard floors and performs as a hardwood floor vacuum which could avoid scratches thanks to its scratch-resistant strip underneath.

🏷️No brush roller is another design that helps the electric broom to work better when dealing with pet hair.

🏷️22 Feet Long Power Cord accomplish a whole time cleaning without running back to charge the battery.

🏷️This stick broom could hold up large debris that takes up a lot of space like pet hair and cotton flock, saving your time and energy.

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