INSE S5 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

S5-INSE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

INSE S5 Cordless Stick Vaccum Cleaner, 20KPa super strong suction power, 250W cordless vacuum cleaner with wall hanging. A perfect helper for your famaily!


  • Product Descriptions

INSE is an innovative brand that focuses on smart home appliances, specialized in smart cleaners. We are developing best corded, cordless stick vacuum and robotic vacuum cleaners with latest smart techs by our engineering team. INSE is passionate to bring high-value smart cleaners to every family, and making everyone enjoying of best of smart world.

INSE S5 Cordless Vacuum 

INSE S5 cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 250W powerful motor and realizes a powerful suction power of 20Kpa. Dust, household garbage, and garbage that comes out of everyday life are completely absorbed!It can be used as a stick cleaner, a handy cleaner, a car vacuum cleaner or a futon cleaner.Cordless, lightweight and easy to use anywhere without getting in the way.

What's included?

  • Vacuum cleaner body * 1
  • Electric floor brush * 1 (with fluff brush) 
  • Metal conductive telescopic tube * 1 
  • Two-in-one wide hairbrush * 1 
  • Long flat suction * 1 
  • Small mite removal * 1 
  • Electric brush * 1 
  • Wall hanging * 1 
  • Charging adapter * 1 
  • Japanese user manual * 1
  • After-service card * 1

Hygienic Bin Emptying

Hold the handle with one hand, use another hand to hold the bottom cover and softly pull the dustbin lock by your thumb, and then move your hand away quickly to empty debris without smearing your hands.

Flexible & Maneuverable

Rotatable and maneuverable motorized cleaner head offers adjustable angle and flexibility to let you smoothly move it all the way back and forth, left and right.

20KPa Strong Suction

Rinse the filter and the dust container with clean water after use. Make sure they are completely dry before putting them back on the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner for Cars

Nozzle combination tool gives you added reach to clean hard-to-reach areas, such as cars, corners, stairs and bookshelf. 

Vacuum Cleaner for Tables

With 20Kpa strong suction power, it will be easy and time-saving for you to clean tables, sofas, and curtains, etc.

Vacuum Cleaner for Carpets 

2in 1 design, handheld vacuum cleaner, recommend to use for carpets, mat and hard bare floor

Vacuum Cleaner for Beddings

High-frequency vibration beating out embedded pet hair, allergens, and dust, keep dust mite away from your comfortable beddings.

  • Product Bulletpoints

  • 20000Pa & Two modes: The cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 250W powerful motor and realizes a powerful suction power of 20Kpa. Dust, household garbage, and garbage that comes out of everyday life are completely absorbed! With one touch of the power button, it moves even if you release your hand after turning on the power, you can switch between powerful mode and standard mode according to the place and use

  • Long-time operation and multiple filtration system:Uses a large-capacity lithium battery, enabling continuous use for up to 35 minutes in standard mode. Adopt cyclone system and multiple filtration system for suction. No suction attenuation, filter efficiency is 99%, can prevent the penetration of various particles, metal filter can filter large dust particles, can remove particles that cause allergy and asthma to pollen etc.

  • Mite elimination & 2in1 type:Electric brush exclusively for mite elimination: You can use electric power to shake off mites such as futons and pillows, and you can freely adjust the angle of the brush. Easily switch to a handy vacuum cleaner, lightweight and can reach over ceilings and curtains

  • Strong endurance & detachable battery:Equipped with a large-capacity battery, achieving a full charge in only 4.5 hours. In case of full charge, it can be used in standard mode for up to 35 minutes. We can cope with most home cleaning enough. Battery is removable and can be charged anywhere

  • LED light & rotation possible:The electric brush has a lighting LED lamp, so it can be beautiful even in dark places. Large electric ground brush can be installed flat and can be rotated at large angles

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