inse s600 cordless vacuum cleaner 23kpa powerful suction

S600-INSE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

INSE S600 Cordless Stick Vaccum Cleaner, 23KPa Powerful Suction with 250W Motor, Stick Handheld Vacuum, Rechargeable 2500mAh. A perfect helper for your famaily!


  • Product Descriptions

INSE is an innovative brand that focuses on smart home appliances, specialized in smart cleaners. We are developing best corded, cordless stick vacuum and robotic vacuum cleaners with latest smart techs by our engineering team. INSE is passionate to bring high-value smart cleaners to every family, and making everyone enjoying of best of smart world.

Extra Long Runtime

 Contains 8 cells with 2500mAh battery capacity each, which enables S600 has a longer runtime than most common cordless vacuums do (up to 40min on standard mode and up to 20min on Max mode), and also enables it supports the strong power of its motor.

2 Powerful Strong Modes

The MAX mode has 23000Pa suction power, which is strong enough for S600 to pick up pet hair and large particles like dog food; the standard mode has 12000Pa suction power, which is also powerful for S600 to pick up fine debris like dirt or crumbs.

Maneuverable Brush Head

The flexible joint of the brush head lets you feel relaxed when using S600 to move back and forth, whether on hard floors or lone-mid pile carpet or rug; the 4 bright LED lights on the front can help you quickly find out the debris in the dark.

Attachable 2-in-1 Brush

This brush can be switched into a wide crevice to pick up coffee beans on the desk, or can be attached to the retractable metal tube to become a lightweight vacuum with a brush to clean the spider web from the ceiling or curtain.

Cleaning Gadget

Comes with a small cleaning gadget for a convenient cleaning job, the brush on its one side can help cleaning the dust inside the dust cup, the blade with hook on another side is helpful for cutting and removing hair tangled with the roller brush.

Easy Empty | Washable Filters

You could press the button to quickly empty the debris inside the big dust cup, and then take out the high-efficiency filter and stainless strainer to wash them. 

IMPORTANT: Wash the filter with cold water at least every month. Ensure the filter or strainer is completely dry before refitting.

Convenient Charging | Easy Storage

Two Charging Ways:

Charge the separate battery 

Charge the battery when it is inserted into the main motor

Two Storage Ways:

Hang the whole vacuum onto the charging base on the wall 

Shorten its length, hang the main motor onto the under hook, store it in the cabinet

What You Get

  1. 2500mAh Battery
  2. Stiff RollerBrush
  3. Long crevice
  4. 2-in-1 brush
  5. Power Adapter
  6. Motorized brush head
  7. Retractable metal tube
  8. Wall mount with screws
  9. Main motor (motor & dust cup)
  10. Cleaning gadget with blade and brush

  • Product Specification

  • Model Name: INSE S600 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Item Weight: 5.92lbs
  • Battery Type: 2500mah lithium ion battery

  • Dust Box: 1.2L

  • Suction: 23KPa Max  

  • Charging Time: 4~5 hours  

  • Working Time on Max Mode: 20 min
  • Working Time on Standard Mode: 40 min
  • Product Bulletpoints

  • Super Powerful Suction - 10-year service life of the advanced digital motor, offers 23KPa extremely strong suction on MAX mode, instantly picks up stubborn dirt and large particles

  • Up to 40min Runtime - detachable battery (8 cells) with larger battery capacity 2500mAh, offers longer working time for a single charge, which enables you to clean the whole house

  • Higher Efficiency Filtration - 4 stages fully-sealed filtration system with double cyclone and patented airflow design, captures 99.99% of the microscopic dust and ensures constant strong vacuuming power

  • Perfect for Hardfloor & Carpet - the stiff roller helps roll up the debris embedded in the carpets, and is also suitable for tile, wooden, marble floors; motorized floor brush features tangle-free design and LED lights

  • Easily Converts into Hand Vacuum - comes with a long crevice and a 2-in-1 brush attachment with easy snap-on design, allows you to clean from floor-to-ceiling and even hard-to-reach spaces

  • More Details that Matters - retractable metal tube for adjusting heights; extra big 1.2L dustbin with one button for easy empty; the wall mount and hook on the tube offers 2 convenient storage ways

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