General FAQs for Oders, Shipping, Returns and Refunds

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  • Warranty & Returns
  • Troubleshooting

Do you ship internationally?

INSE has Amazon stores on, we ship to customers from all these countries mentioned(Unites States, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan).

If your country is not included, please contact ( directly to check. 

How long will it take to get my package?

Generally, we ship directly from overseas warehouses in each country. It will be shipped by Amazon and only takes 2~5 business days to arrive. When the item you ordered in the overseas warehouse is out of stock, we will inform you by email and it will be shipped from China, taking 7~20 days to arrive according to the speed of customs clearance.

I ordered more than one item. Will they all be delivered at the same time?

We try to make sure all your items reach you at the same time. Sometimes our products are not always sent together since different shipping options can be used, depending on the product you ordered. Once an item has been shipped, you will receive a shipment notification email.

How can I cancel / change my order?

You keep your right to cancel / change your order before the shipment. After the shipment, we are unable to cancel / change the order for you, please understand. If you have changed your mind after your order, you need to contact INSE customer support: and we will help you cancel / change your order.

What do I need to do when I received a different product from what I ordered?

Please contact INSE customer support: 

Can I change the delivery address of my package/ cancel my order after it has been shipped out?

Unfortunately, we cannot change the address/cancel the order once the product is shipped out.

How do I track my order?

After the shipment, you will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking number sent by INSE automatically, and you can track your package by the unique tracking number.

How can I get a FREE GIFT?

You can get a FREE GIFT by joining our Facebook groups @inselife, or sign up on After that, you can email our customer support team and leave your address, we will ship you a mysterious gift to you!

How can I join Free Product Testing Program?

Does the item I ordered come with warranty? 

Yes, the item you ordered comes with one-year warranty starting from the date you ordered.

What does my warranty cover?

Generally,  the warranty of your order covers the whole item and its replacements.  Here are some situations NOT COVERED under warranty:

● Products without sufficient proof of purchase 

● Lost or stolen products 

● Items that have expired their warranty period 

● Non quality-related issues (after 30 days of purchase) 

● Free products 

● Repairs through 3rd parties 

● Damage from outside sources 

● Damage from misuse of products (including, but not limited to: falls, extreme temperatures, water, operating devices improperly) 

● Purchases from unauthorized re-sellers

How can I extend my warranty?

If you want to extend your warranty, please sign up on and become our VIP buyers, then we will help you extend your one-year warranty to TWO-YEAR warranty.

How can I claim for the return/refund?

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Any ReasonUndamaged products may be returned with all accessories and original packaging for a FULL REFUND for any reason within 30 days since the date that the item was delivered to the designated shipping address. Once the returned item arrived back to INSE warehouse for inspection, the refund process will begin. 

· Returns must include all accessories 

· Items must include original packaging 

· For non-quality related warranty claims, buyer is responsible for shipping costs 

· For non-quality related warranty claims, INSE refunds the cost of the product itself 

· Returns may be rejected if product does not meet the above requirements 


  • Step 1: Buyer must provide sufficient proof of purchase; 
  • Step 2: Contact INSE Customer Support Team: and clarify your requests; 
  • Step 3: The item’s serial number and your order number are required; 
  • Step 4: After the confirmation with INSE Customer Support Team, INSE will help you return your vacuum cleaners. ****Please Note****: If the reason for return isn’t quality-related, customers should pay for the return shipping costs. If the reason for return is quality-related, INSE will be responsible for the return shipping costs.  
  • Step 5. Offer your tracking number to and the refund will be arranged to your Account within 24 hours.


How can I claim for Warranty?


  • Step 1: Buyer must provide sufficient proof of purchase; 
  • Step 2: Click here to CLAIM YOUR WARRANTY and clarify your requests; 
  • Step 3: The defective item’s serial number and/or visible proof such as images or videos depicting the defect are required; 
  • Step 4: After the confirmation with INSE Customer Support Team, INSE will help you fix your vacuum cleaners. It may be necessary to return the item for quality inspection (INSE will cover the shipping fee for items with quality-related defects)


What documentation do I need for my Warranty claim? 


· Order number from online purchases made through INSE or INSE’s authorized re-sellers 
· Sales invoice 
· Dated sales receipt from an authorized INSE re-seller that shows a description of the product along with its price 
 ****Please note****: 
1. More than one type of proof of purchase may be required to process a warranty claim (such as receipt of money transfer and confirmation of address item was originally shipped to). 
2. Warranty claims for product defects expire 90 days after opening a warranty claim. It is not possible to process a warranty claim for items that have expired their original warranty time-frame or 90-day warranty claim request period, whichever is longer.


The Vacuum Cleaner is fully charged, but worked for only a few minutes and stopped?


  • Step 1: Clean Roller Brush: Please check if there is any debris clogged and clean the roller brush, then attach the brush to the place and test the vacuum cleaner again. (debris like tangled hair may clog the roller brush and prevent the vacuum cleaner from working. ) If step 1 doesn't help, then try Step 2;
  • Step 2: Clean the Filter: Please check the filter on the top of the metal extension, between the battery and the main motor, to see if they are clogged or not, clean the filters and try again.If step 2 doesn't help, then try Step 3;
  • Step 3: Check the Battery: Please charge the vacuum cleaner fully by using the original adapter, when it is fully charged, three green power lights on. Then turn on the vacuum cleaner and test it again.
  •  If all the steps mentioned above don't help, please take a video of the problem and contact us directly: INSE customer support team will help you fix it.


Roller brush of vacuum cleaner doesn't work?


  • Step 1: Clean the roller brush: Please make sure you've removed the roller brush and clean it, and then install it back in place (tangled-hair would cause the roller brush stop spinning); connect the cleaner head to the metal wand and test again, check the LED light on the head brush (not that 3 green power lights), whether it’s on or off, the roller brush spins or not 
  • Step 2: Test the Head Brush: If the step 1 doesn't help, please connect the cleaner head directly to the main motor and then try to turn on the vacuum and check if the LED light on the head brush (not that 3 green power light) is on or not 
  • 2-1. If the LED light turns on but the roller brush doesn't spin, might be the problem of cleaner head 
  • 2-2. If the LED light turns on and the roller brush also spins, might be the problem of metal wand
  • 2-3. If the LED light doesn't turn on and the roller brush doesn't spin, might be the problem of dust cup


What situations are N6 brushes suitable for ?

INSE attaches 2 kinds of brushes with N6 vacuum cleaner: one is stiff roller and the other is soft roller, which is aimed to help customers use N6 in more situations.The stiff roller is perfect for carpet and is also suitable for wood floors; the soft roller is designed for wood floors but is not recommened for carpet. Therefore, you could choose the one you need during daily cleaning work.

My vacuum suction power is small or even no suction power?


  • Step 1. Make sure every connection between the components is tight especially the bottom cover of the dust cabin. 
  • Step 2. If you used it to pick up much debris or particles, the filter would be filled with dust after using a long time, which reduces suction. Please take off all the filters and wash them and then install them back after completely air dry. 
  • If all the steps mentioned above don't help, please take a video of the problem and contact us directly: INSE customer support team will help you fix it.